WW: Little Italy, New York City

Have you been to Little Italy, New York?

Here's a little sneak peak of one of the most favorite spots in the Big Apple.
Love all those murals :)

all in purple shades :)

the famous Audrey Hepburn mural :)

agree with the caption :)?

The lady...

love it!
cute skirt :)

Of course coming to Little Italy, New York, won't be complete if we haven't tried the famous pastry and gelato. Care to try some? Join me here...Next, we'll make sure to dip in the famous pizza and pasta :)

enjoying my pastry :)

care for a bowl of gelato" :)

can't get enough of it :)

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun bloghopping :)

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  1. Nice photos. O and I love the big bowl with gelato.

  2. Nice photos I enjoyed them so colourful too :-)

    Have an artistictastic week :-)

  3. Amazing art work! Great series!
    Happy WW!

  4. all purple mostly...

  5. kenapa seleb yang dipake will smith ya untuk mewakili sosok parentnya? xixixi..

  6. The artwork is amazing. I love how it's out of the box type work. I'd like to visit there.

  7. Gorgeous street art and I can only imagine the food was heavenly.

  8. Selalu jepretan fotonya memukau habis mama bo ini *pengin gelatonya yg super yummy

  9. Selalu jepretan fotonya memukau habis mama bo ini *pengin gelatonya yg super yummy

  10. NYC and its landmark street art

  11. Waaa itu pria kok pake rok unyu yak, hihihi

  12. I love street art. There's a cool place called Graffiti Alley in Canada that I'll showcase in a few weeks. This reminds me of it!

  13. Amazing graffiti art, there are so many talented artists.
    Just found you Linkup, hope you have a wonderful week!


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