Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girl

2016 is finally here and how is your first week of the new year?
So full of hope? in high spirit? so full of energy and ready for new adventures?
So am I :)
All of us as a matter of fact :).
We started the first days of 2016 by getting closer to nature and we visited Bronx Zoo, again. Surely Bo et Obi love this place and I have to admit we, the adults, do too. 

Cheers from the 4D theater :p...

Always love the giraffes :)
We managed to see the Jungle World this time and it feels like coming back home to Indonesia with its beautiful tropical rain forests and their native residents. Oh how fun to show the kids all those indigenous animals that my hubby and I are so accustomed to see when we were kids :).
Such a great start of 2016...
How do you start your new year?

They remind us of our homeland, Indonesia :)
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  1. Waaa combroo, aku suka banget mama Boo, tapi ngga bisa bikinnya. Sayang di Semarang belum nemu penjual combro :(

    1. masa sih mak di Semarang gak ada yang jual combro? apa jangan2 karena gak ada yang jual oncom ya. Mertuaku aja aneh lihta oncom di rumahku

    2. Aku juga suka bangeeet mba Rahmi....penasaran juga di semarang ngg ada oncom hehehe

  2. If you ever get a chance to visit...Omaha has the best zoo in the world. I do love your photos. The movie with the glasses looks like so much fun!

    1. I'd love to, Alissa..I sincerely hope I can visit Omaha one daay :)

  3. You all looks snazzy in your glasses! The zoo visit sounds like the perfect way to kick off the new year!

    1. I just realize that as well, Theresa :)..I hope you have a great start of the year as well :)

  4. Haiiii it's nice to see you guys have fun :))

  5. samaan mba awal tahun aku sm si kecil jg ke zoo ^__^ btw combronya mau atuh comot ikh :D

  6. How fun! We love 4D movies. We went to the Polar Express in 4D right before xmas :)

  7. we gotta go back to the zoo agin..still have many to see..

  8. Nonton film 4d seruuu. Aku baru 2 kali nonton 4D, penontonnya pada teriak-teriak hahaha.


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