Welcoming Jonas

Okay, I just can't help it.

We are sooo excited to finally see NYC turn into winter wonderland once again.
Yuuup...thanks to Jonas, soft, fluffy snow is just knocking everyone door here in the next two days.

Snow storm is definitely not a joke but once you get yourself prepared, you can definitely have a cozy session at home safe and sound.

But we got to admit that everyone got so excited this morning as the first pile of snow just stuck in our window. Kids, especially, as we haven't really get the real feel of winter this time around. 

So, Udi just unpacked our ski gear boxes, got everything out, put them on, grabbed our camera and in 5 minutes, we all were ready to hit the road :).

we're having fun, ma :)

Astoria Park, here we come...


cold, cold, cold

The blizzard is indeed here to stay. 
Persistently howling since the morning, we waited inside just to see when it would stop for a while so that we could go out and play.
But apparently, it was not happening pretty soon, so we just went out and tried to enjoy the snow as much as we can.


After a while the snow gets too cold to handle and the wind really hit our face. 
So, we called it a day.
And guess what...we might come back here again tomorrow.

Stay warm, people.


  1. Wooow, you came out and play in the blizzard. All of you seemed to have a great time playing. Thanks for the story Mbak Indah. :)

  2. huaaa mbakkk aku mau pegang salju yang banyak ituuu, pasti dingin banget ya

  3. Serunyaaa main salju, ngga bikin boneka salju mama Bo?

  4. all is fun until you you have to clean those piles of snow

  5. You guys are really enjoying that snow! Me, I'd keep my butt inside wrapped in a cozy blanket lol.

  6. So fun! I don't mind the snow. It's the bitter cold winds that I hate.

  7. Haduh Obi keliatannya seneng banget deh main saljunya. Brrrr dingiiin :)


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