Before the storm

Jonas is coming!

To you who have been following the news recently, you know exactly that I'm not talking about Jonas brothers :).

After enjoying a rather warm beginning of winter, NYC is getting the real feel of winter. Two weeks of sub zero day, the new storm, Jonas, decides to say hi to us here.

cold yet lovely :)

The forecast said that it will start in the early hours of Saturday till Sunday. Heavy snow up to one feet tall with the wind reaching 50 mph is most likely knocking on everyone's door in this neighborhood.

No wonder people are queuing up this at the supermarket and groceries this Friday just to make sure we have everything we need to stay cozily at home.

Of course I join the wagon and hit the store. It was packed alright, but I still manage to sneak out and take some snaps of the grey sky of Manhattan before the storm hit.

This is how it looks.

Still pretty peaceful, right.
Rather pretty.

And I guess, judging from my oversize grocery bags, we can welcome Jonas now :). Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim.

Join us on Skywatch Friday and sneak a peek on different beautiful skies from different parts of the world.


  1. Kayak nama orang ya Mba stormn-nya.. Jonas..

  2. And it is all over the news here now Mbak Indah. Stay warm! :)

  3. I hope you are staying nice and warm! You guys definitely got hammered on!

  4. Why is storm named like a person? I heard that there is a difference between male & female names.

  5. Nama Storm nya kok keren banget, Jonas :)


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