Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girl

The counting down begins :).
How's your winter break, dear friends...
New York City is wet, cold and windy lately but that doesn't stop us from enjoying this break together with friends and family. Thank God all the meetings at the UN were wrapped up on the night of Dec. 23rd, so we have more time to relax and enjoy the festivities.

We have some friends coming from Ottawa et we have birthday party as well as house warming. 

Happy happy birthdaaay Josie :)
But on the Christmas Day, we all went to Central Park and enjoyed the warm weather. 

cloudy day but it's beautiful...

I was not surprised to see the park was packed by so many people indeed :).

Bethesda Fountain was so packed..
 It was such a beautiful day..

But now, it's time for another Wonderful Wednesday here..
Are you ready? I guess you areeeee :)

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  1. I bet the birthday party was really fun for the kids. I need to take my 2 boys there sometime. Tomorrow Isaak's going skating. He'll have fun. I'll have to figure out something special for Mica to do.

    1. Winter break is indeed fun.. As long as you know what to do with the kids :). Skating sounds great..

  2. pagi mbak, bertabur makanan postingan hari ini bikin aku laper

    1. Iyaaa niiih hehehehee... Memang banyak link makanan yang seruuuu...

  3. aku jadi ingin bisa memasak deh mba.. terutama bikin candy bar gitu, karena aku suka banget chocolate.. hehhee.. sayang, aku takutan sama api.. :)

  4. hadooohhh bikin ngiler liat makanan atuuh
    jadi lapaar maak

    1. hihihihi....pan jajananan meuni loba pisaaan ti Bandung :)

  5. What a fun Birthday, glad it was a nice day to enjoy being outdoors!
    Thanks Indah for Co-Hosing with us these past months!!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

  6. Such a fun birthday party! And, a fun day at Central Park too!


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