Lord & Taylor Charity Day for Breast Cancer on October 3rd, 2015

Hi thereeee...  

Calling everyone in NYC et all over the United States of America :)

As I said, I have more interesting news in breast cancer awareness campaign this month.
Let's work together and donate for the noble cause :)

Get this $5 coupon with 3 special bonuses and Savings, including for the sale items.
How cool is that :)

Come and join us today, Saturday, October 3,  at all Lord and Taylor at the US ;)

And here's more information about Lord and Taylor Day Charity Day for Breast Cancer :)..

American Cancer Society | Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Make sure you stride in to your local Lord & Taylor this Saturday
to take part in our inaugural Charity Day! There will be fashion and
fun for all, honoring Survivors & special coupon booklet sales
benefiting your American Cancer Society.  

Lord & Taylor has partnered with your American Cancer Society by
hosting this Charity Day on October 3rd in stores across the entire
nation. If you didn't get the chance to pre-purchase your very
special coupon booklet, don't worry- they will be available at
every register! We look forward to partnering the world of fashion
with our fight while maybe walking away with a fabulous new

See you at your local Lord & Taylor on Saturday October 3rd!


Wait for my special Giveaways at my blog, My Purple World, with a lot of against-breast-cancer pink merchandises, including from the American Cancer Society and many beauty products (wait for those lovely products from Estee Lauder, Sephora and many moreee...) only for you..

Stick around and help spread the words in our fights against breast cancer!

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  1. Sephooooraaaaa. *-*
    Di link ke sini ya, Mama Boo?

    1. Hai idaaah...bukan...aku lagi siapkan post khusus..

  2. That's very generous of them! I don't have a Lord & Taylor near me, or we would have went. I hope they raised a lot of money!

  3. It's nice you share this event. Hopefully it can give some ideas to our friends here to support breast cancer.

  4. and what do you get from the sale :)


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