Biking along Astoria Park

Biking along Astoria Park now becomes Bo et my hubby's new hobby.
And I guess I know why.
It's awesome...

RFK Bridge, Astoria
one cloudy day at Astoria

No wonder it becomes their favorite spot lately. 
With an astonishing background of the Triboro or the RFK bridge and the East River plus smooth and spacious biking path, Bo and Udi ocassionally spend their afternoon here.
Well, almost every day when the weather permits.

And I love to see their pictures.

Bo on his bike...a bit tired I guess.

And no matter how many times they send me the pictures, they always look captivating. 

Especially the sky.
And the bridge...

Under the bridge...literally..

I'm glad Udi takes some times to stop and capture those beautiful landscape.
As you can see, Manhattan skyline is lining up beautifully behind the bridge and the river.

Astoria Park itself is the pride of the Astorians, those living in the neighborhood, just like us. I have even posted several photos and entries about this Park as well.
Built in Ocotber 1913, this 56-acre park was extended twice and now hosts the oldest and largest pool in the city, playgrounds, tennis courts, athletic field, baseball diamonds, bandstand and many more. We always enjoy the before-4-of-July-fireworks here as well as I posted here  for WW: the 4 of July fireworks :).

So, what do you think about the bridge?
Do you like biking by the river or under the bridge as well? 

Join us on Skywatch Friday to see the many beautiful sky from different corner of the world


  1. These shots are all so amazing! I love how the sky looks in each. And the bridge is pretty sweet too!

    1. the sky is indeed was heavily cloudy :)

  2. What a pretty place to go bike riding. Love the colors in these photos.

  3. Weisss.. keren banget mbak fotonya :D
    btw pakai kamera apa ya ??

  4. Indah you live in my hometown, I grew up in upper Manhattan and of course was always visiting Astoria because it was full of Greeks. But Ive been gone for years now... The city that stays with you for the rest of your life. These are beautiful pictures.

  5. jembatan ini dimana sih? Hehehehe

  6. Fotonya bagus banget. Tapi kok awannya kelabu gitu ya? Kayak mau hujan lebat?

  7. bagus banget mba jembatan nya, tapi itu langitnya beneran begitu,

  8. jembatannya keren nih, apalagi kalo langitnya biru cerah, wah pasti bagus banget :)

  9. wow, those are poster worthy photos!

  10. Fotonya bagus banget, awannya keambil banget itu. Keren Mbak Indah ^^b


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