WW: Viva Wastra Indonesia

I guess many of you have known already how I love Indonesian traditional fabrics.
If you see Indonesiaku, then wastra Indonesia section in my blog, you'll get more exposure on that :)

Starting from UNESCO-intangible-heritage Batik, to handmade and woven-with-love Tenun and Songket from various parts of Indonesia, I love them all.

I am such a huge faaan :).

To me, they are more than just a piece of cloth with vibrant colors and vivid patterns. 
They represent the beauty of my ancestors' wisdom, the true reflection of cultural heritage and values, including ancient norms and traditions. Some things that I sincerely hope will forever live and linger among us and the next generation. 
They are the labour of love from women who, at the same time, weave their social structure and identity in a crafty way.

And I, for the love of it, try to wear them all the time.

As I see my photo folders here and there, I found many of those colorful photos are stacking and not yet published. Where have you been, Indah?

Tenun Insana from East Nusa Tenggara..I got them from Atambua..

Let's see some of them here..and I will get back with more stories about those beautiful pieces of art. I still have to learn mooooore about those intricate patterns and their histories. They are so abundant that I sometimes confuse myself :).

Here are some from East and West Nusa Tenggara..

Tenun Insana ..also from Atambua...

From Atambua and Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (the purple one)
From Bali...

Endek Bali....
Songket Bali....don't you just love them...
From Makassar...

Sarung Makassar...with its vibrant colors...

From Semarang, Central Java...

batik Semarang with Warag Ngendhog motive, from Semarang, Centra Java

Oh my... I still have sooo many more indeed. And as I said before, I just have to learn about them and I just realized how limited my knowledge about it. Let's dig up and I'll be back with more details :).

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  1. The patterns and colors are so neat! I love the fabrics.

    I also like Aztec patterns. They to have a lot of color and pattern.

  2. Beautiful colours and patterns I enjoyed these :-)

  3. aku pernah beli satu waktu ke Bali,tapi yang ini bagus2 banget,warnanya cerah^^

  4. Exquisite textures and colors in these beautiful fabrics!

  5. beautiful fabrics! love them all!

  6. klo batik udah punya, cuma songket belum punya sama sekali

  7. I absolutely adore these patterns and colours, so vibranmt and so beautiful. Thank you for joining our Oh my Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday and sharing this post! Evija @fromevijawithlove Co hosting OMHG Wordless Wednesday

  8. Cantik banget ya mba indaah...mamaku sering dapet oleh-oleh kain kalau bapakku tugas luar kota, dapat hadiah dari orang2..wah, pengen kuubek-ubek juga..cantik-cantiik...

  9. Beautiful handwork! They remind me of the woven silks that I collected over my years in Laos! Thanks for joining the Oh My Heartsie-Girls WW!


  10. Kok aku merinding yaa liat kain tenunnyaa.. Indonesia kita sekeren itu :)

  11. Tenun ini memang cakep. Aku punya sleeve dari kain tenun timor kayak gini. Cakep beut beut....

  12. I am always amazed at the amount of detail each one has. I adore that first one from Bali!

  13. Saya pun menyukai tenun dan batik.
    Motif di kain tenun itu indah-indah ^_^

  14. I always Indonesian traditional fabrics :)

  15. Eman2 yo mak lihat yg bagus2 begini kalau mau dijadiin baju atau tas. Bagusnya dipajang & dielus hihihihiiii.... Aku follow instagram bu Ani jg suka upload foto wastra.

  16. iNyong kaguuum banget sama hasil karya Indonesia! Jadi pingin dompet dr wastra. Ada kan ya, Mama Boo?

  17. Beautiful patterns and colours!

  18. I love these kinda patterns more so cause of their vibrancy.

    Pleasure to have you on board :)
    Linking back with ya!

  19. wah Indonesia emnag yahudd ya mbak mantap euyy...

  20. Tenunannya cakep.. Apalagi warnanya.. Eh tapi biasanya kalok yang asli agak berat kan, Mbak? :D

  21. Koleksinya banyak banget mbak.. Motifnya juga kaya-kaya :)

  22. Very beautiful fabrics :) Also love the colours!

  23. what a treasured collection!

  24. Koleksnya keren, lucu-lucu motifnya.. Indonesia emang is the best!
    Suka banget

  25. makasih gan buat infonya dan salam sukses

  26. mantap bro infonya dan salam kenal

  27. terimakasih bos tentang infonya dan semoga bermanfaat


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