Rose Garden at the UN Headquarters

Being locked in the meeting room discussing serious matters impacting the world amidst beautiful day can be frustrating sometimes.
And that's what I had last week.
Well..last two weeks, to be precise.

Burying  myself in reports, documents and drafts, while at  the same time committing myself to back-to-back radiation treatment, is not that easy. Fresh air is urgently required and for the first aid to this, I got Rose Garden.

Located in the back of the General Assembly building, stretching along the banks of East River, this spot feels like the lungs of the UN. Where fresh air is the luxury you deserve. Although ironically, it is also the designated area for smoking.

At this point, the roses are still hiding.
They' re not yet blooming.
Waiting for warmer days.
But the garden is beautifully adorned with lines of cherry blossoms.

Don't you think?

And that's what I love about the UN in spring :)...

Perfect combination of clear blue sky, colorful bursts of flowers and fresh air never fail me.

Will get back with more stories about the Rose Garden :)

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  1. Bagus2 amat sik luar Indonesia:3 Kapan ya bisa nyusul tinggal di luar hehehehe?

  2. bunganya cantik mbak, warnanya juga

  3. Cantik banget bunganya Mak, lihat fotonya berasa hawanya hangat ya ^^

  4. Warna awan dan bunga nya kontras jadi kece banget

  5. Pokoknyaaa langit biru selalu bikin jth cintaaa... Nah bunga² nya itu bikin makin klepek²... Drooling euy pingin kesituuu

  6. Oh wow all those pretty blooms are so pretty!

  7. cantiiikk bunga dan langitnya :)

  8. A simply breathtaking view at the U.N. Headquarters! I'd be in heaven looking at those every day!

  9. oooo ini ya inspirasi warna utk spring? *langsung inget kuis dan pengsaaannn
    Etapi cantik nih Mama Bo... semoga kapan2 daku dibolehin nyampe ke tempat2 indah seperti ini, aamiin...

  10. Hello Indah. I like your purple world! You seem like a strong woman, I send many many good wishes on your journey and that radiation therapy works for you and never overpowers the magic of a beautiful spring. Have a great day.

  11. SO beautiful, Mbak! Warna-warna cerah tapi adem..

  12. Bagussss. .kok bisa gede gitu ya pohon mawarnya... jadi ingat film tudung merah amerika...yg ada pohon mawar gedenya

  13. Wow you took such nice photos of the cherry blossoms and the grounds of the UN! I hope you are feeling ok. I keep thinking of you and praying too. Take care.
    Julie xo


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