Montauk Point Lighthouse, Long Island...traveling to the "end"

Have you traveled to the 'end'?
To the end of one island, in this case.

Yuup.. Long Island in this case.

Long Island has been long known for its famous beach and strips of well-established town like the Hamptons.

Saya ingat waktu kecil suka curi-curi baca novel Barbara Cartland #huaaahketahuanumurnya punya tante yad genrenya romantis gitu. Dan banyak banget ceritanya yang mengambil setting di Long Island. Tapi ini beda yaaa dengan Thousand Island yang kondang sebagai dressing salad :).

Last long weekend *I know, it's been a while ago :), we traveled to the very end of the Long Island to see the Montauk Point Lighthouse. 

Jadi ceritanya, kami tinggal di Astoria, yang termasuk dalam Borough Queens, atau 'kecamatan' Queens yang merupakan satu dari 5 boroughs di New York City. Selain Queens, NYC terdiri dari Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx dan Staten Island. 

Queens terletak di pulau Long Island, yang memang sesuai namanya panjaaaang bangeeet :)

Kalau diilustrasikan mungkin seperti ini ya..

taken from here

Tuh kan, panjang bangeet yang pulaunya :). Dari 5 borough di NYC, Brooklyn and Queens terletak di Long Island. Dan Montauk Light house benar-benar terletak di ujungnya Long Island :).

When I say the end, it is literally the end of the island :)..

It took around 1.5 hours drive from New York. You can either go there by car or train. If you drive, several routes can be used, including East on I-495 through Long Island Expressway, East on Route 27, East on Southern State Parkway and East on Route 27. All heading to Montauk Point. If you take the train, hop on Long Island Railroad from Penn Station, NYC, to Montauk. Then take taxi to Montauk Point which is about 6 miles from the station.

At that time, the weather was still a bit cloudy and cold. We have been staying at home for the last two days of the holidays as the kids were not in their fit condition, but we decided to go out while we have the sun. Not too many, but warm enough. So, although it was slightly late, but we managed to arrive there and make it right on time. Thirty minutes before the Light House was closed! 

Lucky us :)...

So we used our limited time to stroll around, climb the light house, buy some souvenirs and take pictures here and there...
After paying for the entry tickets (adults 10 USD, children 4 USD), we hurrily headed to the Lighthouse tower. 

Not easy...
Especially as we needed to climb around 137 iron stairs to go to the top :).
But if you have enough time, it would be a great experience for sure...

It's a historical landmark that is still actively used until now. As the first lighthouse built in New York State, Montauk Point Lighthouse was commissioned by President George Washington in 1796. Way before that, this specific spot used to be utilized by the Montaukett Tribe to watch fires in order to guide their traditional canoe home safely. Pretty much doing the same thing until now...Standing tall as beacons to make sure those passing this area can do so safely.

On top of the light house, you will see incredible view of the Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean from the Watch Deck. Too bad it was cloudy at that time..but we still enjoyed it.
And it was only the two of us, Bo and I, were up there.
Well, with one staff of the tower, of course :).

Good thing we found out about Abigail, the famous ghost (what a minute....a ghost, you said?? ) of the Montauk Point Lighthouse, when we were downstairs. Otherwise, we might not fully enjoy our lonely time up there :). Or perhaps the other way around...we would hear her whispering and greeting us up there. Ooow, now that's creepy :).

And the Lantern Room is awesome indeed..

Too bad we didn't manage to check the museum as they ushered us directly to the souvenir shop :). 

some parts of the museum that we saw..

Well, would love to back here again one day..

They have many events conducted in the area, including the sprint thriathlon, music festival, lighting the Lighthouse and of course christmas at the Lighthouse.

Check out more details on their website, including hours, admission, and more.

We really enjoy our visit to Montauk Point Lighthouse, Long Island...traveling to the "end" :). Have you been to the Lighthouse before? How do you like it?


  1. Heisann! No, not to the end, but to Hell! This is a place in Norway, but the name in Norwegian doesn´t mean the same as in English... it means fortune!!!! Luckily!
    Bygd means how to settle in the county side, very sparsely, one farm here, one farm there... no villages!
    Have a nice week ;:OD)

  2. Yes I have been there many years ago! What a nice place to visit! You took such nice photos & thanks for sharing! Have a nice week!
    Julie xo

  3. Wiiiih mak very interesting, bikin takjub...bangunannya mirip bangunan kuno yang sarat dg sejarah...jadi bisa bener2 menikmati alam dan pemandangannya ya

  4. waa,banyak bangunan kuno ya disana. bener2 liburan yang menyenangkan^^

  5. There is something about light houses that I just love.

  6. aku diajak jalan-jalan kesanan nanti ya mbak :)

  7. Aku ngga suka thousand island... Amis hehee, enakan mayo sama mustard nya ajaa. *OOT

    Btw... Itu liukan pantainya sexy bingiiittttr

  8. I love that window shot. I've never actually been in a light house. I always wanted to be in one after watching Pete's Dragon when I was a kid. Helen Reddy sang Candle in the Water in one. I thought the song was so pretty!

  9. tiap liat postingan jalan-jalan indah, selalu mbatin kapan bisa menikmati yang bener beda2. Negara, bahasa, iklim, culture and the people. Doain bisa ya, Ndah..
    Foto2 di tempat kece gini aku bisa kalap, hahaha. Captured di sebanyak mungkin sudut.

  10. aduh... enak banget mak... dari dulu pingin long stay di LN. gak keturutan terus. ketemu blog ini jadi muncul lagi keinginan itu. sayang umur dah keburu bertambah. kayaknya udah gak ada company yang mau kirim aku ke luar. btw, salam kenal ya mbak... gak apa-apa biar gak keturutan tapi tetep bisa liat-liat suasan LN.

  11. I adore lighthouses! I have never been inside one, but if I ever have the opportunity to do so, I am definitely going in!

  12. keren ya tempatnya..kapan bisa kesana, kapan bisa foto disana ya...

  13. Striking and beautiful views of the lighthouse, beautiful photos!

  14. Aku belon pernah liat light house sebiji pun. Pingin. Cape gak ya naik ke atasnya?


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