The aftermath of #blizzardof2015


As promised here, I'm back with more photos from the aftermath of #blizzardof2015 here in NYC. 

Again, we were lucky that the storm was not rampaging our neighborhood.  But I heard that it took its furry to New England area. I hope everyone was fine...

So, with the storm just passed through,  we had snow everywhere. .. And who else would enjoy it? The kids and their mommies :).

Kalau sudah salju di mana mana begini, anak-anak yang paling heboh :). Meskipun saya sejatinya tidak ke kantor karena kerja dari rumah, tapi ngg tahan juga dengan bujukan Bo et Obi untuk main di luar menikmati salju :p.

Well, the kids then put on their winter gear. The ski pants, jackets, gloves and beanies. It was still super cold outside. Although the sun was shining. I also made sure they drank their milk and ate first before going out. I just didn't want them to play in the snow with empty stomach and get sick afterwards.

Then, off we went to Astoria Park, just 2 blocks away...

It was already packed with people. We could even hear the kids' joyful scream from afar...

big grin on his face :)
Bo was happily bringing his snow slide. Ready to rumbleeee...

The whole park was turned into a giant snow slide :). Perfect for the kids...

Bo et Obi just directly jumped into their snow slide and slided down...

They even had a race..Bo against Bapak et Obi..

RFK bridge from under...

While mama busy taking pictures. ..and enjoying the serene surroundings..

astoria pool and the famous LIRR bridge...

Then...more fun started we when tried to make 'our picture' on the snow...well, you know..when you just slept on it and got your shape pasted on the snow...

It was truly a terrific day...a blessing in disguise for us :)...

Even Obi enjoyed sliding alone...and screamed on top of her lungs :p...

Well...the aftermath of # blizzardof2015 was fun indeed! 

Have you enjoyed playing out in the snow lately?


  1. Asyiknya main saljun. Brrr nggak kedinginan ya, klo aku AC 24 derajat aja masih kedinginan haha :D

  2. Mupeng liat saljunya...tpi pasti dingin banget ya makbo.

  3. A beautiful day in the snow, funny, beautiful photos!

  4. Have you enjoyed playing out in the snow lately?

    No, i have never... Heuheuu :(

  5. Ah senengggggg .. aku pengen banget merasakan salju langsung di amrik ;-)

  6. Ah senengggggg .. aku pengen banget merasakan salju langsung di amrik ;-)

  7. Ah senengggggg .. aku pengen banget merasakan salju langsung di amrik ;-)

  8. Everybody looks so happy. I'm glad :))

  9. uwaaaa bahagia sekali ya mak,bisa main salju ^^

  10. saljuuuuu....sampai sekarang saya masih berimaji kalau salju itu lembut kayak busa sabun.

    1. in a way salju memang lembut kok mak...kalau sudah frozen baru deeeh keras :)

  11. Y'all definitely made the best of it! Fun, beautiful pics.

  12. Ha! We did the exact same thing yesterday. Took advantage of our little blizzard and went tubing. Did snow angels too!

  13. Mau main salju, mau main salju, mau main salju >.<

  14. Wah, harusnya ajak-ajak saya nih.
    Kapan ya bisa ke sini?



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