Surviving #blizzardof2015

Pheeeww ...
We survived the #blizzardof2015 !
Alhamdulillaaaaah ...

Last Sunday, we were bombarded by warnings that the potentially dangerous blizzard in NYC. Not just a blizzard. But the third most powerful one recorded in the history of NYC. 


the pic is taken from here

We were like...wooow... this is practically our first year in NYC and look what we have in the store. A blizzard is coming. Judging form my friends' stories about previous years (remember Sandy and her friends?), this can be serious.

The good thing is, we have all the warnings and steps to follow in order to make sure we are in good hands when the blizzard is really coming. So, on Sunday, we stocked up all the food and water, plus batteries and candles just in case we would have blackouts. Yes, it was that bad...For the sure the supermarkets and groceries were packed with people getting ready. 

But on Monday, life went on...
The office was still open, so was the school.
So I still dropped Bo to his school and took my subway to the Office. 
The forecast said that it would get worst at I guess that was why everything was quite normal in the morning.

Monday grim sky...

arriving at Manhattan...already showered with snow...

Well, as a matter of fact, we even co-hosted a High-level event with the Sweden Mission at the UN with the presence of Sweden Foreign Minister, H.E. Margot Wallstorm. The event was scheduled at 12.30 to 3 pm. Carl, my colleague from Sweden, and I were a bit nervous, as we wanted to have high attendance in this event but couldn't help but notice the worsening weather.

FM of Sweden giving an opening remarks..

But alhamdulillaaah... The event was quite a success. Many Permanent Representatives came and the interactive dialogue was very engaging. We were happy..

On the way to the UN, before storm started.
But in the middle of the event, the security told us that the UN building would be closed at 2.30 and the UN would be close as well on the following day. 
I said wuhuuu... another holiday!

But my excitement evaporated I had to think about how to go home. 
My hubby had frantically called me several time and whatsapped me as well..saying that I better got home soon before it was too late! At that time, the public transports were still running, but with less schedule. And who knew what would happen if we got stuck in the tunnels! Knock on woods...I hope it won't happen to me...

So I went back to the office after the event was concluded and I simply couldn't see things! Luckily, I went back to the office with my DPR and even for a four blocs ride, it took some times because of the heavy snow. The office had organized cars to take us home, but they left already at 3 pm. And I just finished the meeting...

Long story short, I managed to get a lift again from my DPR and along the way, the car was practically 'dancing' ,- or perhaps skating is more appropriate.. - on the snow. I saw a taxi in front of us working really hard to keep it moving forward, instead of sliding to the right. 

At 7 pm,  I arrived safely at home...

That evening we all went to sleep earlier...maybe because were too excited waiting for the storm :). 

At around 8pm, the NY Governor had imposed travel ban as well. So starting 11pm Monday, no cars were allowed to be on the street, except the emergency ones. If you were out with your car, you would be fined!

the alert...

And the storm just passed...not really as damaging as has been predicted. What a relief!
These are the photos taken on Tuesday, the following day...

at 10 am on Tuesday...some cleaning has been done obviously :)

He woke us up with the machine :)

our jeep...not pretty much buried under the snow :)

our car :)

the street in front of my house..

it won't be complete without a selfie, rite ")

Well, again...we were happy that the Juno was not that horrible. 
Some handy tips, especially to newbie like us, when facing with this situation:

1. Get yourself updated
Listen to the news, monitor social media like twitter and facebook. I managed to get the updates to make sure my family and I can travel safely from school and work. Some times, a 10-minute difference will give you a way different story as well. Watch out for information about public transport if you are commuting like me and for travel ban if you drive. You can also subscribe to some of those websites and services which give you alerts.

2. Follow the instructions.
Well, you never know what will happen, so better be prepared than sorry...We follow the steps being informed to us in the warning information.Those include stocking up the food, getting extra flashlights and candles, preparing warm clothes, medicines,  and et cetera. It really helps.

3. Recharge, recharge, recharge
If the lights go out and we get power outage, then the last thing you need is cellphones without batteries. At least we can ensure the phone is on for further communication with friends and families. Recharge while we still can and have power bank handy for extra back-ups.

4. Stay warm
Stay inside. Keep yourselves warm. For us, it's very important because we're not yet used to the cold. Luckily the heaters were still on at that time...but it something goes wrong, warm clothes and plenty of socks (at least for me :) ) should help.

I know, this projected epic storm was somehow anticlimax. 
But, halooo...we don't need more storms down here, it's already cold enough :). 
Our days are basically filled with below zero temperatures, snowy days, and freezing wind. So, less blizzard, the better.

But you know what, the kids were having soooo much fun in the aftermath :). 

look who's having fuuuun here :)
Lemme get back with more photos on that :).

Have you experienced a blizzard as well? 


  1. I'm glad you survived it! We're supposed to get a bit of snow on Sun. It's supposed to drop temps fast! I don't mind of the snow, but I hate the cold!

    1. yuuup Alissa...well, the storm wasn't really hit that hard...what a relief..

  2. Undoubtedly, great photos, I find this pretty snow-covered town!

  3. OMG! Jadi inget film yang terkubur di perpustakaan itu :(

    Daaan... If the lights go out and we get power outage, then the last thing you need is cellphones without batteries.

    Don't forget bring the powerbank yaaaa

  4. Bacanya skip-skip soalnya gak bisa bahasane wong londo..hehehe

  5. komplet dengan selfienya
    dan...dingin pastinya ya mba
    jaga kesehatan yaaaaaa

  6. aku berharap ada video blizzard-nya direkam dari dalam rumah, mak. hihihih. i'm too excited, too. :D

    1. huahahaha..udah nungguin tapi kalah ama ngantuuuuk maak..

  7. Good thing u are all okay mbak... it looked pretty bad and i cant imagine how cold it was ;)
    take cars mbak :*

    1. thanks maaaak..indeed it was horribly cold...try to stay warm all the time...

  8. We got hit pretty hard yesterday. Glad we both survived those nasty storms!

    1. that's good to hear Theresa...I know, storms are everywhere these days..


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