Sunset at Astoria Park

"When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator".Mahatma Gandhi (sources from here)

Queensborough Bridge with Manhattan skyline on the background..

Linking up with Skywatch Friday...
To those who love the sky, come and join us :)


  1. Very nice light and exquisite soft contrails in the sky, great picture!

    1. thanks was magical to see the sunset sky..

  2. An awe-inspiring scene. You captured it nicely.

  3. Lovely! I know a lot of people love a good sunrise, but I am all about the sunset. There's just something magical about watching the sun go down for the day.

  4. aku pgen kesitu makkk,,,indah bget,,,

  5. WOW beautiful picture! I love sunsets!!

  6. Setuju banget quotenyaaa... kalau lihat sunset/pemandangan alam yang cantik-cantik itu rasanya... aduhhhh.

  7. Those clouds are so wispy, and pretty! I'm always trying to get my students to paint pretty skies. They often times limit themselves to a simple gradient, or flat blue. An interesting sky can make a picture.

  8. Wonderfull shots clouds and bridge , Greeting from Belgium "with a diner in Blue Sky Mons"


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