WW: My first battle..

My first battle against breast cancer..

Just had a mastectomy a few days after my birthday :). 

My Rabb has always been gracious in bestowing us with the blessings, spirit and hope...for many more battles to come..

Let's fight them...

face time with my mom back home after getting  a bit stronger from the operation..
bring it on :)...
At the nuclear medicine department, before being ushered to the op room :)
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  1. Replies
    1. paasti dong maaak...dirimu juga yaaaaa :).....ganbatteeee...

  2. Sambil ngepalin tangan sprt di drama korea, " Mbak Indah, fighting!". Hehehe insya Allah everything will be okay ya Mbak

    1. yuuuup....setujuuu...I'll love battle field and I'll take it as my new session :)...thanks vi...

  3. Best wishes with your treatments! Have you ever been to Renae's blog? She just finished her last chemo treatment on Monday. Maybe you would find something comforting reading through her journey? http://www.simplesequins.com/

    1. thanks theresa...yes, I regularly visit her blogs and learn a lot from her courage...she's such a fighter :)..

  4. In Shaa Allah cepet sembuh ya, Mbak..

  5. I hope everything went well with your op and your treatment goes well your very brave :-)

    Nice to see that you look in high spirits :-)

    Thanks for stopping by

    Best Wishes to you


    1. thanks Steve....I have to, that's the best medicine :)...stay fun and have a great daaay...

  6. Wish you success with all that treatments....


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