#RomantikaJakarta: Nostalgia Gedung Pancasila..

Okaaay... The clock is ticking for me! 
Selalu begini, sadar bahwa masih begitu banyak yang ingin saya lihat di ibukota tercinta ini..
Begitu banyak gedung-gedung sarat sejarah yang sangat menarik untuk dikunjungi dan sayang untuk dilewati begitu saja...

And I should start from the nearest one... 
Yang hampir tiap hari kerja dilewati, berkali-kali di foto, dan bahkan berkali-kali melewati berbagai kejadian penting di dalamnya :)

di depan Gedung Pancasila saat Penutupan Diklat Sekolah Staff  Dinas  Luar Negeri  Angkatan LVIX :D

Yuuup, I  am talking about Gedung Pancasila.. 
Have you ever heard that? Or perhaps, Gedung Vollkstraad sounds more familiar?

Temen-temen tau Gedung Pancasila di mana? 
Letaknya di kompleks kantorku, Kementerian Luar Negeri.

To those who are not familiar with what Pancasila is, then I should probably start with a brief explanation on this.

Burung Garuda Pancasila

Five principles of Indonesian State philosophical foundation, our Founding Fathers had formulated these notions in a series of important events. Panca means five and Sila means foundation, both in ancient Sanskrit. 

Composed of our believe in one Supreme God; Just and civilized humanity; The unity of Indonesia; Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations arising amongst representatives; and social justice for all, Pancasila has long been dearly adhered by Indonesians in living their lives. All of these principles are also the reflections of Indonesians norms and values, richly wrapped in cultures and traditions.

Well, that's Pancasila.

How about Gedung Pancasila or Pancasila Building itself? What's the story?

Taken in one evening before heading home...

To start with, perhaps it is important to note that this richly historical premise is listed as one of the historical building in capital city Jakarta. But as it is located in the premise of my office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the preservation and management of the building falls under the responsibility of the Ministry. Out Foreign Afffairs Minister frequently conducted meetings and high-level events here in Gedung Pancasila, with the presence of ministers as well as our President, and other high-ranking officers.

This building was built years ago..I bet everyone knows that hahaha..
I have to admit, it's a bit tricky to find out the real history of this building. Elegantly built as Volksraad or People's Representatives Building, there is no formal record quoting the exact year when this building was built. Some literatures say that building was approximately built in 1830 as the residence of the Governor General of the Nederlandsch Indie or Hindia Belanda.

Wanna know more about its tantalizing history? stick around theeen :D..


  1. cantik euy...mak indah kelihatan cubby,,hihihihi

    1. gedungnya memang cantiiik mak...kalau aku sih bukan chubby, tapi genduuut :D...

  2. Hickz..segede ini blm lg nginjek jkrta...smoga bisa ke jkrta naik trans,lihat monas lg,lihat bentuk bemo dr deket,lht gdung pancadila yg keren...foto plg bawah kece bingitssss hehe

  3. Gedung Pancasila dibuka untuk umum kah mba?

  4. belum pernah ke gedung pancasila akunya. hiks

  5. Aku juga belum pernah ke Gedung Pancasila, lewat juga belum deh sepertinya :)

  6. tetap ya mak, narsis hehehe. waaaaah pns kementrian luar negeri ya mak :)

    sukses selaluuuuuu mak indah ^^

  7. suka gaya fotonya mbak indah, kerennn :)

  8. Benar, Mba Lid. Jepretannya selalu memukau, ya. . .

  9. Foto terakhirnya itu lho, kece.. ;)

  10. aku pernah sekali sampai teras gedung ini.., penasaran banget pengen masuk lho,
    satu lagi pengen masuk ke gedung DepKeu dan PLN


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