Bo et Obi's story: A Visit to the Presidential Palace...

Welcome to the Presidential Palace, the palace of the people...

Sitting nicely and comfortably in the air-coned room, Bo and I, together with more than 300 students and parents from SDSN Cipinang 01, watched the welcoming video during our visit to Merdeka Presidential Palace.

We gathered at school at 6.20 am... Registering ourselves, getting some goody bags filled with refreshment, listening to a briefing, and heading to the bus, we managed to leave the school at 7am. 

Arriving at the building of the State Secretariat, the entrance to the Presidential Palace, we all have to wait until our turn, which happened to be at 9.30! 

Located in Central Jakarta, right in front of Merdeka Square and the National Monument, Istana Merdeka (means Independence) is  open for public on Saturday and Sunday only.

Built in 1873, Merdeka Palace is the addition to the previously built Istana Negara within the complex. This neoclassic building is originally used as the residence of J.A. van Braam, a Dutch businessman during that time. 

If you want to have this Presidential Tour, you can directly register yourself on the registration desk at the State Secretariat Building. There's a sign in there so you can easily spot it. For big groups, it's recommended that you registered far before to ensure you got the spot.

Well, while waiting, the kids were having fun running around the place ....taking notes, joking around, munching :)...

I even had a chance to visit the merchandise store and grabbed some souvenirs :). We bought four t-shirts with the Presidential Palace print on it...One for Bo, one for Obi and other two for Fia and Amira :D..I also grabbed some purple pens, my fave...

The price was quite reasonable.. Like Rp5.000,- for a pen; Rp10.000,- for a keychain, and Rp35.000 for good quality kids t-shirt. 

Before we started the tour, we also had to gather our things... No bags and cameras are allowed so we put them in the locker. Well, you still can bring your cellphone, but it has to be off :)..

There are other requirements that we have to fulfill before we can join the tour, including wearing proper costumes. It means no sandals, jeans, t-shirts and sunglasses inside. 

marching up...

waiting and waiting and waiting...

Selfie with mommy...

you have to put your original ID during the tour...

After a while, our turn came and they took us to the shuttle bus to get to the video room. It was a short ride, around 7 minutes by bus...Quite a relief in the middle of the hot, hot day...

Thank you Pak...
It was a hooot day...

After the video presentation, we marched to the entrance of the Palace, with Kakak Tuti as the guide. Along the way, she mentioned several things we saw like hundred-year-old trees and Balinese temple inside the Palace complex.

The Palace itself is such a hugeeee complex...we have Merdeka Palace, facing our National Museum, and State Palace, the residence of our President on the other side. We also have 

Then, here it was...right in front of us..the elegant and grand Merdeka Presidential Palace! 

Right on the grand stairs, we took our group photos taken by the Palace photographer :)

our group photo...

Too bad I didn't have more pictures myself because it was not allowed...I know it was for the security purposes perhaps..

But pssst, I managed to sneak a few photos while we were waiting outside..I am not proud about it but I see no harm in taking those pictures outside for the memory of our the visit.

Waiting for our turn to get into the Palace...

one of the wings...

the alley...

still waiting to get in...

neatly lining up before we can get in....

Then inside, before we get to the Hall of the Merdeka Palace, where on each wing there is a lounge or waiting room for guests of the President as well as the First Lady. On the side we also have the mirrors facing each other in a precise position, creating 1000-mirror effect :). We also saw several fabulous paintings of Indonesian legendary painters and many artistic objects like ceramics, statues, plates, busts and many more.

We then saw Jepara Room, filled with beautifully crafted Teak Wood furnitures from Jepara, then Credential Room, where the President received the credential letters from Ambassadors of other countries. We also see the Bilateral Room where the President conducts bilateral talks with delegations from other countries and the Dining room, where the State Dinner takes place

After touring inside the Merdeka Palace, we went to the backside, passing the lovely greeny garden filled with statues and various kinds of plants. Here,  we also saw the State Palace, the formal residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Then more alleys filled with photos of the President's activities.

lovely garden, isn't it...

Well, after around 1 hour, we finished the tour, took the shuttle and headed back to our bus...

Don't forget to get the photo, ma..whispered Bo :). So after taking the copy of our group picture (we paid Rp 10.000,00) and got on our bus to go on the next destination. 

Where will it be? Just wait and see ...


  1. kalau sekolahan mau berkunjung kesana harus izin kesiapa ya mbak indah?

  2. ada tempat pendaftaran khusus di Gedung Sekretariat Negara mak...cek di sini

  3. What a visit without some photos? Hahhaahaaa.... When my kid went to Jakarta with her school last year, they made a schedule to the presidential palace. Unfortunately, the tour agent canceled it at the last minutes then changed it with attending Opera Van Java live show instead. It's just too bad :((

    1. come back here maaak....then you might get another chance..

  4. well, I've only visited Istana Bogor when I'm at JHS. A lovely place. I love the garden with many deer in it...

    1. I have visited Istana Bogor as well...both are lovely...

  5. WOW, what an adventure. We don't have things like that here in the US really, so it's cool to see your pictures.

    1. it wa fun having a tour with a big group of kids like this....

  6. kudu sekolahan ya? gak bisa perorangan?

  7. The palace look so amazing,I never knew that this place is oprn for the public.can we go by ourselves?i mesn without group?

    1. it is open for public...but since many people want to visit it, better come early in the morning if you are not coming with the can register on the spot...check the link I gave on the comment above..

  8. I already go there three times, but too bad, when visited with all that kids from school, all of the wing's palace are closed, so we cannot saw a lots of things..

    mm.. it's another purple shooooeeeeessss that u have? ck ck ck

    1. hihihi...too bad, too bad...btw, I have more purple shoes, if you ask :)

  9. kerjaan bisa dibilang tetanggaan sama Istana, kok aku belum juga datang ke sini ya.., nggak ada temannya

    1. hehehehe...sempetin doong Mon :)...menarik jugaa lhooo


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