Weekly Photo Challenge : Treasure

So, treasure huh..

This week weekly photo challenge really put me in awe..as the theme is treasure..

Which treasures..as we treasure many in in this life, at least in my case :D..

But then, I undoubtedly believe that my treasure is my family, whom I love dearly...

I just love playing with the sand....

Their smiles and happines really warm my heart..

Bo and Udi, my munchkins....having fun in the snow. @Coles des Mosses..

So, here are strings of cherished photos from my beloved family, from different points of time..

Bo et grandma Lilis..one hillarious day in Fantasy World, Jakarta...

my princess Nadine...a k.a. Obi :D..

Of course, we have the big family photos, but that will be too 'usual', don't you think :D..

can anybody guess who's heartly giggling here :D...

Join us on Weekly Photo Challenge.....as easy as one, two, three...click HERE for more info...


  1. nice smily treasure :)

  2. I agree with you.
    Do you know a theme song of a tv serial titled "Keluarga Cemara ?"
    They said :
    Harta yang paling berharga adalah keluarga
    Istana yang paling indah adalah keluarga
    Puisi yang paling bermakna adalah keluarga
    Mutiara tiada tara adalah keluarga

    Warm regards

    1. Such a sweet sooong....keluarga memang segalanya ya Pakdhe...

  3. obiiii,,, i love ur smile and hair, ^^

  4. Hai mbak Indah, aku datang :) kemarin memang belum BW dari kamis sore. Setelah bertemu Mbak indah, ternyat aorangnya asyik. Ok deh aku baca postingan yang tertinggal ya

    1. makasih mama Cal-Vin...santai ajaaaa ..makasih sudah mampir...

  5. Gemeees sama obi.. si kriwil, huhuu...

  6. Your family is beautiful. Definitely something to be treasured!

  7. Selamat pagi sahabat tercinta,
    Dengan gembira saya sampaikan bahwa Anda menjadi salah satu penerima tali asih pada GIVEAWAY CINTA TANPA HIATUS

    Silakan cek pengumumannya di


    Terima kasih

    Salam hangat dari Surabaya

  8. Family is my treasure as well. Such good photos you take.

    1. thanks Alissa....just can't get enough of taking their pictures...


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