Bo et Obi's Diary: Obi's second month...

Aaaand February has almost calmly reached its end ...

Well, not calmly though, as heavy rain keeps coming back and forth in Jakarta, causing flood, traffic congestion here and there, plus flu and annoying cough for me.

One day, heavy rain started from 4am and horrible headache really put me down. So, I decided to skip the office and asked for sick leave 💊.

It proved to be a blessing in disguished...That day, Jakarta had a tremendous rain and the city was basically paralized temporarily. Well, flood and traffic were the demons, as always.

So, while trying to rest and get better, I also managed to take Obi to PAUD or her pre-school. As I told  you previously here, PAUD Anggrek (or orchid in English) is only 3-minute walk from out house.

And every Wednesday, Obi is scheduled to learn Iqro. It's the introductory part of learning Al-Quran, the holy Koran. We use a special book which helps kids learning it step by step, as learning Arabic, particularly the beautiful language of Al-Quran, requires extra attention and practices.

getting ready...siap-siap nih mamaaaa..

So, there we were... Only a few students as heavy rain hindered some kids to come to school.

While waiting for more students coming, the kids were playing freely for a while. Obi's fave is puzzles :D..

puzzle time first...

The class started with the reciting of Al Fatihah, and Surah Al-Ashr, loudly together. Then the following is a short before studying prayer. All this time, Obi and the students were guided by Ibu Diah, one of the lovely teachers there, while parents were waiting outside.

Done with the drilling, the kids took their tables and bag, then took out their Iqro. 

Obi et her Iqro...

Obi just finished the first few pages and she continued spelling Arabic. A.. Ba.. Ta.. Tsa..repeatedly in different turns, teaching Obi to memorize the differences among Arabic letters and saying it correctly as well. 

the more practice the better...took the photo from outside the classroom...

Softly, but clearly, I heard Obi's voice reciting those lines of simple Arabic.. Masya Allah, it was such an incredible feeling of how blessful I am. Tears were hangin'on my eyes, feeling so proud of my bebe Obi. 

Alhamdulillah, we still have the opportunity to learn more and get ourselves closer and closer to the Almight God, the Merciful, in many ways. Abang Bo has started learning it earlier and  now they learn it together at home. It may seem so simple for others, but for us it's precious! To me, this exercise ia more than just a regular reciting drill, but more of a concrete step towards knowing and loving our Creator.

I have to admit, working 9 to 5 or even more, makes me miss some of my kids' activities and growing process. Sad? Of course... Regretful? Most of the time..

But I sincerely hope I can always share and accompany them in their colorful path of lives. As much as I can...

Bravo kiddos!


  1. aarkkkk jai inget tahun lalau pas ngajar preeschool,q kebagian ngajar iqro'nya tiap hari kamis hehehe...

  2. subhanalloh,, semangat adek Obi,, semoga dimudahkan dalam belajar.. :)

    1. makasiiiih mak...amiiin..insya Allah semangat teruuus...dan dimudahkan :)..amiiiin YRA..

  3. Obi, you're beautiful young lady,.. selalu gemes deh, semangat yaa.. nanti di NYC lanjutin belajar iqro-nya yaa ;)

    1. merci mak Noe...insya Allah diterusin, biar cepet ke Al-Quran :)...semangaaat...

  4. Masyaallah Obi.. you look even cuter wearing veil .... Auntie Muna wish you grow into a beautiful and sholihah girl dear :)

  5. My 4 yo boy also learns Iqro, done for A (alif) til Y (ya'), but he faced difficulties while spelling gho, qaf and kaf. All was spelled as 'da' hehehehe... It's a matter of his tongue ability, cadel boy :D Sampe sekarang kalau panggil 'kakak' belum bisa, jadinya 'tatak' ;)
    Obi, be a smart and sholiha girl yaaa... keep practising.

  6. Subhanallah obi, you're are smart and beautiful girl dear... i proud of u..

  7. Subhanalloh obi... tetep jadi anak sholihah ya cantik... always make your parents proud!!

  8. Even though you work the 9 to 5, I think it makes you appreciate the times when you do get to go in and share in your children's days even more!

  9. My oldest got so into puzzles at that age.

    I sure hope the rain comes to a stop. It seems to be snowing in much of the US. We're actually not getting much here though.


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