Weekly Photo Challenge: Three

I just love every single theme put forward in Weekly Photo Challenge :D..

This time, we have  THREE as the magic number...

Well, creating three-picture story to be exact...how we get series of photos from a broad subject, down to two, then one single detail.

Apparently, I have many of them..or the least those which fit this scenario :(.

Like these ones... a series of photos I took during my visit to Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey...

View from the top floor...

Getting closeeeer...

one of the many beautiful lamps....

What's your THREE-picture story?

Share it and join us in Weekly Photo Challenge...for more details, you can always click HERE 


  1. this is a beautiful place. it brings back memories from a long-ago trip to Turkey with some friends, before I had a digital camera. thank you for sharing. thank you also for your visit to my blog.

    1. no worries at all..I also had fun while visiting Istanbul..such a lovely city indeed...

  2. Subhanallah indah nbak banguanannya, eh mbak indah juga indah ya heheh

    1. hehehehe.b..iya mama Cal-Vin...kagum luar bberjaga dengan iasa juga karena semua terjaga dengan baik...

  3. Subhanallah... such a majestic Mosque :)

  4. Subhanallah... ini cuma liat foto aja bisa sebegininya terpesona, gimana kalo menginjakan kaki langsung disana yaa...

    oya mak, ini my WPC, please visit back yaa ;) http://noestyle.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/weekly-photo-challenge-threes/

  5. Wah fotonya asik... cakep juga sama temanya three itu..

    ikutan ah bikin juga


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