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Throwback Tuesday: Sunrise on Punthuk Setumbu

Throwback Tuesday: Sunrise on Punthuk Setumbu

"What time is it, ma? My husband sleepily asked me behind his blanket
"Time to wake up", I replied with big smile on my face. 
And it was only 3 AM in the morning.
There was no sound other then the humming air conditioner in our room.
"Alright..give me 5 minutes. You get the kids ready" replied my hubby.
And there we were..waking up at 3 AM in the cold morning at Magelang, eager to catch sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu.
The idea of climbing up the hills at pitch black dawn to see the magnificent sunrise overlooking Mount Merapi and the famous Borobudur Temple is indeed tantalizing.

And here's our pictorial stories..

Our adventure at Punthuk Setumbu began as we decided to explore Yogyakarta during our summer break in Indonesia
It was back to 2013, when Bo et Obi were pretty young.

It took us around 40 minutes from our hotel in Magelang to Punthuk Setumbu.
We rent our car from Jogja and drove to Magelang to see the magnificent Borobudur Temple.
Good thing it came with the driver so what we did was enjoying the views, and some traditional food authentically sold in food stalls, along the way. 
The route was packed, with trucks, cars, motorcycles, people. 
But that's the beauty of the road trip, right.
Traffic is unavoidable, so try to embrace it :).

So, long story short, we arrived in Magelang in the evening.
Straight to the hotel after dinner, we have set our hearth on hiking up to Punthuk Setumbu the next morning.
Needless to say I have to convince my kids to come along with us.
I knew it was a bit too much to ask them to hike at 4 AM in the morning, 'just to see the sunrise' (as my son put it).
The compromise was they would come but stayed and slept again in the car.

So, at 3.30 AM we drove there and  apparently we could only park in one of the 'designated spots' in Karangrejo Village. The rest we have to take ojek, the motorcab, to certain area and continued with walking to the top. We paid Rp 150.000,- (around USD 12) per person for ojek and our 'tracking guide' plus the entrance fee. I didn't whether it was that expensive but it was pitch black and we didn't want to miss the sunrise.

We walked around 10 minuted to reach the top.
It was not that bad although it was a bit slippery.
I was so relieved I left my kids in the car with our driver.
Imagine sleepy heads tracking in slippery, muddy path up the hill.

When we got to the top, it was almost packed.
But we managed to secure some spots and prepare our gears.
And the rest...
As you can see in the pictures.

All those early morning circus is worth it!


If you see the misty part of some of the photos, that's Borobudur Temple.

Here are some of the snaps of Borobudur Temple, with Bo et Obi on it.
Happy to share more about this majestic Buddhist temple, one of the biggest in the world, to you all in another post.
For sure, Bo et Obi loved traveling to Jogjakarta, especially visiting Borobudur Temple.
They did explore the temple and run around the area near the temple.

Whenever I travel , I somehow remember my fellow traveler blogger, Elisa Koraag.
Mami Icha, our nickname for her, has been blogging for the last..I don't know how long LOL. She's been like a 'veteran' to us, blogging since years ago and still enjoying it up until now. She travels a lot as well, either with her beautiful children or with her lovely hubby. For sure, she traveled to many parts of Indonesia, including Jogja and Lampung, my hometown.

That's my sweet memories of Punthuk Setumbu.
What's your lovely throwback memory this week?

p.s : I will keep my Throwback Tuesday features but will post it every Wednesday or Thursday :).

Throwback Tuesday: Duomo, Firenze, Italy

Right before we were heading back to Indonesia from Geneve, we managed to have our Easter Break trip to Firenze and Pisa, Italy.
It was back in 2011.
Bo was merely 4 years old at that time and Obi, my daughter, was a happy 4-month old baby when we made this trip.

Firenze, or Florence, is indeed one of my my favorite Italian cities!
The trip in 2011 was actually my second visit to this fantastic city, as I first came here in 2004 while I was having my internship in Brussels. The magnet of the incredible history, remarkable architectures, top-notch art, delicious culinary and warm-hearted people lured me back to Firenze, this time with my petite family.

Of course, those visiting Firenze can not miss the Duomo.
Florence's most famous Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore.

Please enjoy some photos before I share more stories and details about it.

Here are a few family (and close up) photos we took from our hotel room in Duomo, Firenze, during the trip. We were so lucky we got this room right across this magnificent building.

So that's my little Throwback Tuesday this week.
Have you been to Italy and/or Florence?
Which one is your favorite city?

p.s : I will keep my Throwback Tuesday features but will post it every Wednesday or Thursday :).

Staying at Best Western Plus Québec City, Canada

Whenever we go traveling, finding hotel or accommodation that will suit our family best is always be on top of our priorities.

The view from our room

Usually, my kids always sweetly request for warm breakfast and swimming pool whenever we go out on the road. Well, it's not always the case as sometimes we don't even have time for a leisure moment by the pool because of the limited time we have or simply because we are too tired after exploring one city or traveling from one to another :).

Tapi untuk perjalanan spring break kali ini, saya mencoba semaksimal mungkin mencari akomodasi yang nyaman dan asyik buat anak-anak. Agak berbeda dengan perjalanan kami sebelumnya, road trip kali ini memang minus mengunjungi tempat bermain atau wahana khusus anak-anak. Maafkeun kalau Bapak et Mama agak egois tahun ini ya nak, bukannya main ke theme parks malah nonton konser Bon Jovi >_< :). That's why, selagi bisa menemukan hotel oke yang kolam renangnya asyik, insya Allah Bo et Obi will love it!

And our choice in the first city of the our Spring Break road trip 2017 is Best Western Plus Centre-Ville Québec City.

Arriving in the middle of the night and amidst the heavy rain, we were greeted with smile at the front desk. Exactly what we needed after more than 8 hours on the road.

Check-in process was fast and easy, so we could directly get our room key and had a good night sleep.

our bed

We got two double beds room for 4 people and the beds are comfy, so are the pillows.

The room is equipped with facilities such as flat screen TV, coffee maker, toiletries, ironing board, and safety box. And one important thing, free wifi! :)

The hotel is only 7-10 minutes drive from the old town and other attractions, so perfect for me and my family. 

As my kids requested, the hotel has indoor pool as well. 
It is not that big but it's enough for us and it has spa, towel and some lounging chairs. 
So we're good :).

enjooooy :)

It has fitness center and business center, should you need one.

Right across the main entrance, we found beautiful mural and we surely took some poses there.

With only USD 69 or CAD 94.23 (before tax), this property is a great and affordable choice for you who would visit Quebec.

Highly recommended!

Best Western Plus City Centre/Centre-Ville
330 Couronne St, Québec City, QC G1K 6E6, Canada
Phone: +1 418 649 1919

As I have shared before, Québec City is a beautiful city to explore. 

Rich in history and truly reminds me of Europe, particularly France, Québec City is manageable to explore it on foot. The people is friendly and we really love the Old Town of Québec City, so many interesting landmarks and architecture you can enjoy. 

Too bad we only had 1 day and when we were there, the weather was not very friendly as it was raining all day long, cold and windy. Even that didn't stop us from exploring the old town, enjoying plaines d'Abraham, le jardin Jeanne d'Arc and Chatéau Frontenac and Terrase Dufferin. Old town is also packed with lovely restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops! Read the complete story here at In Love with Quebec City.

Till next story :)!

Throwback Tuesday: A Visit to Prague, Czech Republic

Time for Throwback Tuesday here at My Purple World.

This time, I will take you to the beautiful Prague, Czech Republic.

We had a wonderful visit and road trip to Vienna, Bratislava and Prague back in  2010. It was during the Easter Break, when we enjoyed 4-day holiday in Geneva. 

The famous clock

I remembered vividly when we spent some times in the beautiful Old Tiwn Square of Prague. Enjoying its famous astronomical clock there.

Not to forget the famous Charles Bridge....of course. 

Although it was still a crispy cold Easter weather, but we certainly took some times in this lovely bridge. A lot to see and surely awesome...

We strolled around by the river, overlooking Charles Bridge afar.

We didn't have Nadine yet at that time and Bo was only 4. 

How we truly enjoyed the quality time with our loved ones :).
Including that blue helicopter baloon.

And finally, before heading back home, we had a glimpse of Prague at night..
More than happy to go back here :)

Do you have a lovely memory to share? 
Feel free to have your Throwback Tuesday as well 

MyItchyFeet: Hola Espana: La Alhambra #4 Palace of the Lions

Holaaaa mis amigos...

Having my recovery started, I remember that I haven't finished my traveling notes in Spain, particularly in Andalusia..

Aaa, the land of wonder..

Filled with ancient whispers and tempting signs waving at you, I have to say. 
It feels like when you hear the sirens coming and calling your name, but this one is not going to crash you. 

Yuup, the legend of La Alhambra is still waiting to be told..and shared.

Rasanya seperti punya hutang...karena belum menyelesaikan tulisan rangkaian perjalanan yang buat saya dan keluarga sangaaaaat mengesankan ini...

Okay, where were we?

Kita udah sampai mana yaaa..
Yang pasti saya sudah ngajak temen-temen jalan ke Alcazaba the fortress (you can always click it here, Nasrid et Comares palaces, where Kings and Sultans lived with their families ...dan sekarang, saya masih punya Palace of the Lions :).

Ini salah satu jewelnya La Alhambra juga lhooo......

And the Palace of the Lions is pretty famous for its ingenious fountains.

Too bad the fountains were under reconstruction when we visited this place but we still enjoyed the beauty of this palace by strolling around.

the ceiling with all its intricate details...

pillars and facades are everywhere...
One thing for sure, all the intricate details you find here will take you imagination beyond ...and questions....
How did they do that..
What does it mean..
Why it takes that particular shapes...
And more questions that are not always answered...
At least not from my audio guide or my handbook :)

Saat menyaksikan semua keindahan ini, saya harus mengakui kalau hati begitu tergetar akan keindahan hasil karya manusia yang didedikasikan penuh untuk Penciptanya. Begitu menyentuh, begitu indah...
Kaligrafi dengan cantiknya terukir di setiap sudut dinding, pilar, hingga langit-langit...mengingatkan kita akan Sang Khalik yang memang ada di mana-mana...

The ceiling....look so fragile, yet tranquilly beautiful...

Then as we got nearer to the fountain site, we had more people flocking...
But again, as I said, the fountain was temporarily closed for refurbishment...
We still managed to enjoy the beauty of it and adores its ingenious design...

Patio of the Lions, tempat pancuran singa yang begitu terkenal ini, menggunakan teknologi tradisional yang mengandalkan grafitasi, tata letak, dan alam. Jangan tanya detailnya dengan saya ya :)...yang pasti, pancuran ini begitu natural dan bahkan recycled sendiri tanpa bantuan mesin satu pun...naturally mechanical, I can say...

one of the corners near the fountain...

getting nearer...

similar details can be found...

And here's where the fountain is supposed to be...
If you noticed the basin in the photo down here, it originally homed the famous lions whose mouths flowed the water constantly ..
Such a perfect harmony between the geometric architecture, ancient technology, yet again ingenious design..
You can feel it...the air, the light, the space..the water...all perfectly display the beauty of harmony..
I can say this is the most beautiful part of the Palace...

it was temporarily closed when we the surrounding hall was closed as well

Palace of the Lions was built by Muhammed V.
Not only successfully completing the previously built parts of the Palace, but amazingly add this most-loved palace adorned with the highest level of artistic touch and harmony.
Well, I'm not very good at describing it, but once you're there, you can simply feel it...
From the lovely patio, to the amazing halls and galleries..
Truly feast to our eyes ...and soul...

one corridor taking us to the Hall...

the ceiling on one of the Halls...

can you feel the harmony...from floor to the ceiling...the air and the light...

Jadi jangan salahkah saya yaaah kalau jadi nyuekin kamera di leher dan minta difoto terus dengan hubby tersayang yang sabaaaar menanggapi permintaan istrinya Bo (sedikiiiit :) )..

Another amazing details are the calligraphs ...
All hand-made, truly labour of love and affection to our one-and-only Creator.
Depicting gracious verses, we can't help but admire each and every one of them...

Dan ini beberapa foto di sekitar Patio Utama di Palace of the Lions, menuju Halls maupun galleries yang berada di sekelilingnya...

Well, I have to warn you....
I still have Generalife beautiful garden which is not yet told here. 
Mind if I come back again soon?

Happy #itchyfeet and I hope you enjoy these photos...