Once Upon A Time in Cairo

Once upon a time in Cairo

Our mosque tour during our 10-day visit to Egypt back in 2010.
Beautiful, ornate, Islamic architecture, with clear, blue sky at the back.

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  1. Thn depan insya allah bisa ke kairo :D. Pgn bangetttt liat piramid2nya.

    1. Aku lumayan lama di sini.. waktu itu tanteku masih tinggal di sini for 8 years..

  2. I miss this wonderful city! Good to be back here and take more photos!

  3. The architecture is incredible. I am sure it's humbling to see it in person.

  4. looks so gorgeous! Egypt is a popular and not so expensive tourist destination from here, but too many terrorist attacks have made it so insecure, not that here in Serbia we aren't used to being bombed and such things :)))

  5. Mau foto-fotonya lagi, Mbak Indaaah. :)))) Suka banget liat rumah Allah di berbagai negara.


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