South Island, Here We come - Road Trip in South Island NZ - Christchurch

Welcome to Ōtautahi or Christchurch

Welcome back…

Still on my series of stories about Road Trip in South Island, New Zealand. I know I promised you Lake Tekapo, but apparently I am way from done on sharing about our trip in Ōtautahi or Christchurch and the surroundings area.

Originally, we planned to take tram trip and punting in Avon river as well as checking Christchurch from above through gondola ride. Pretty much the popular tourist destination and activities LOL.

But then, as we arrived there and also met some friends (and the fact that I have taken the tramway tour on my visit to Christchurch back in December 2021), we diverted the plan and ended up exploring riverside market, heading to Castle Hill conservation area, stopping by at An Nur mosque where the Christchurch bombing happened, and exploring the street arts in this beautiful city.

So here’s a little story about our 1 night, 1.5 day in Christchurch.

Enjoy some photos first, shall we?
Some of them are the highlights of our visit in Christchurch and the surroundings.

One of the street arts in Christchurch, Alice in Wonderland...

happy me posing in the Castle Hills Conservation Area

In front of An-Nur Mosque, Christchurch

Queen Victoria Park

As we arrived at CHC, that’s the code for Christchurch in flight, you know we drove straight to Riverside Market to have late lunch and buy yummy tempe and more food in Indo Tempeh restaurant. I shared that in my previous post.

Read : South Island, Here We come - Road Trip in South Island New Zealand

Then after a quick check-in at Crowne Plaza hotel Christchurch and dzuhur break, we continued our journey to Castle Hills conservation area, famous for its incredible rock formations and its importance to the Māori.

Before that, check out my YouTube video for a little room tour in Crowne Plaza hotel Christchurch.

We drove around 1.5 hours from CHC to Castle Hills. It was a bit drizzling and cloudy along the way but as we arrived at this spot, the weather was lovely.

We parked and got to walk to the hills, dotted with astonishing rocks formation while at the same time reading the history of this place. There is a story about the three pou and how this are becomes so important to the Maori. We browsed around the area and took more pictures while admiring the hills, which, according to the information board we read on the spot, used to be seabed million years ago. So, the place where we were standing used to be the place for the sharks! Interesting, isn't it.

The story of three pou..

Nadine posing amongst the rocks

Well, I will stop there as I still have a lot more to share. Stick around and see you on the next stories.


  1. wah, ada masjidnya jugaa. pemandangannya indah sekali, di antara tebing batu, backgroundnya bukit dan lahan hijau membentang, masyaAllah. kayak lukisan banget, ahaha

  2. Tempe ngangenin ya mba 😍. Tadi penasaran dalamnya mosque An nur.. enjoy foto2nya mba Indah, itu berawan sekali, cakep birunya..sungguh seperti di film2 ya mba hihii

  3. Di manapun ya, tempe is always yummy food for lidah Indonesia, hehehe. Btw, pemandangan di belakang Mbak Indah cakep banget. Udah kayak di film Lord of The Rings gak sih?

    1. iyaaa mba... dan juga Narnia, ini movie set atau tempat syutingnya. Cakeep yaa

  4. Bagus-bagus banget fotonya mbaaak. Keren viewnya. Kayak di film-film

    Yang Masjid An Nur tempat terjadinya pemboman Christchurch, maksudnya itu dulunya masjid, trus dibangun lagi tapi jadi masjid?

  5. What a lovely art street, Mba Insav. I immediately remember Johnny Deep when I saw "Alice in Wonderland" on the wall hehehe. Yesterday, I wrote about Leang-leang, an archaelogical site in South Sulawesi. Same as Castle Hills, there are so many old rock from the ancient. This place also used to be seabed million years ago. Wow..perhaps we both were travelling to the same age.

  6. Street arts nya cakep banget deh. Btw ada masjid juga ya. Ngga asupan ya mba nyarinya?
    Pengen ke Castle Hills juga nih biar bisa baca story three pou langsung wkwkwkw. Kayanya yang sepoi2 banget deh di sono.

  7. Wow castle hills is soo amazing. We usually find big rocks on the beach but we can see them on the hills surrounded with field of grass. What an amazing spot

  8. Mosque An Nur and Castle Hills absolutely will be in bucket list too if I have chance to go to Christchurch as well.

    Agreed, no doubt, the incredible rock formations!
    Masya Allah

  9. Wow, this used to be seabed? Now it becomes a very beautiful place with rocks. So interesting.

  10. Wow, this used to be seabed? Now it becomes a very beautiful place with rocks. So interesting.

  11. Seneng banget liat foto-fotonya Mba Indah. Cakep banget Nadine foto Di bebatuan plus bunga-bunganya yang cantik. Pengen liat dalamnya Masjid An-nur deh.

  12. Masyaallah selalu suka berkunjung di blog ini. Ada banyak cerita perjalanan yg buat saya itu impian sejak dulu. Menikmati pemandangan negara lain melalui foto-foto terbaik yg Mbak Indah bagikan

  13. Itu padang rerumputan dengan bebatuan yang didudukin anak2 biasanya sering kuliat jd background layar PC hihihi, masyaAllah senengnya bisa ke sana :D
    Wah di sana juga ada masjid ya mbak? kepoh komunitas apa yang mendirikannya.
    Ōtautahi itu berarti nama lain Christchurch ya mbak? trus warga lokal biasnaya lebih sering menyebutnya sebagai apa?

  14. new zealand ya, emang the best banget sih view, salah satu negara yang instagramable banget viewnya

  15. Masya Allah, bukit dengan bunga bunga cantik pasti jadi mager deh mbak, misalkan aku yang ada di sana. Sehat selalu sekeluarga ya Mba, agar bisa road trip lagi dan share foto kece badai kayak di atas

  16. Pemandangan New Zealand indah banget ya dan beragam alamnya, puas banget eksplorasi keindahan alamnya..beruntung sekali Mbak Indah sekeluarga bisa menikmatinya..kami yang baca artikelnya juga jadi kecipratan liat pemandangan cantik

  17. Batunya kereen banget, Mbak Indah disana Masjid banyak gak ya? Muslimnya banyak ga mba?

  18. Foto-fotonya keren, mom. Seneng lihat Bo dan Obi udah gede remaja yaa... anak2 kita sepantaran nih. Ditunggu postingan selanjutnya mom, sharing tempat2 lain di NZ yang selalu keren.

  19. Cakep banget foto-foto di area Konservasi Castle Hills. Andai bisa camping di sana ya, hehehe. Btw, penasaran sama dalaman Masjid An-Nur, Christchurch kaya gimana

  20. MashaAllah~
    Keindahan Castle Hills menjadi daya tarik ketika berkunjung ke South Island, New Zealand.
    Anak-anak kini sudah dewasa ya, kak Indah.. Kebayang bisa menguasai berapa bahasa ya.. ? MashaAllah~

  21. batu-batu gede di sana itu yaa kenapa cantik gitu. Messy in beauty.
    aku membayangkan bertualang seperti Lima Sekawan tinggal di tempat seperti itu.
    kalau di Indonesia mirip seperti di Sulawesi, mbak. tempat batu megalitikum.

  22. Wah senangnya bisa ketemu masjid di sini ya mba, selalu menyenangkan berkunjung ke blog mba Indah, serasa diajak jalan-jalan terus.. terima kasih mba..

  23. Cantik-cantik banget bebatuannya mba Indah, bikin salfok dan semoga ada rezeki bisa ngunjunginnya


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