New York Sky this Fall


My favorite season.
It's just around the corner and I can't wait to enjoy those magnificent fall foliage New York beautifully offers.

Fall is coming soon :)

It gets red already :)

The blue sky.
Clear blue sky.
Crispy chill air mixed with the chirping sounds of lover birds singing on the redden-leaves tree.
Truly music to my ears :).

we started the ride from my Ambassador's residence :)

We went out to Pelham Bay Park and the Glen Island Park in the surrounding areas near my Ambassador's residence in New Rochelle, New York.
Bo et Obi went out and had fun riding along the Pelham Bay Bike path while Obi and I, together with some friends went to the Glen Island Park only 10 minutes drive from the residence.

And we were blessed with beautiful weather indeed.
It was around 18 degrees C with no wind.
Lucky us!

At the Glen Island the bridge :)
another day with clear blue sky :)
Fall, as always, is successfully stealing my heart :).
Already together with my hubby, we have planned to visit many places to get the beauty of fall folliage this year. We missed that last year as I was in the middle of my chemotheraphy. But I sincerely hope this year we can lure ourselves in the beauty of autumn.
And in relation to that, I also invite everyone to join my #finishthefight #gopink #breastcancerawarenessmonth campaign here :).

clear blue fave :)

Is fall your favorite season as well?

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent view of the sky from different corner of the world ;)


  1. Indahhhhh bangett ya mb indahhhh hihii,
    Pohonnya uda pada memerah, atau memang daunnya merah dari sononyah

  2. Ini nih yang saya suka, daunnya udah pada memerah. Keren banget dah. pa lagi ditambah langitnya yang berwarna biru mantab dah...

  3. I bet NY is just gorgeous in the fall! My best friend will be visiting there this week and I am really looking forward to seeing her social media photos from her time spent there!

  4. bener-bener keindahan yang luar biasa, langit yang cerah seakan terurai banyak kisah didalamnya karena langit bisa melihat yang dibawah apa yang sedang dilakukannya

  5. Subhanallah indah sekali mak..pengen sekali duduk2 disini :)

  6. Indahnyaaaa .... Mbak Indah selalu bikin jepretan yang ajib banget ^^b

  7. I love your deep blue thinly clouded skies.

  8. let's go look for fall folliage this year :)

  9. Cantik sekali pemandangannya & sepi. Bisa puas menikmatinya :))

  10. i love fall too which is similar with autumn #cmiiw
    i've seen many photos of fall nor autumn as well. is the smell of colorful leaves are spreading everywhere, doesn't?

    btw what a lovely picture mak :)


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