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Welcome back and let's have our Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls, and Friends as always.

This week we have so many cool recipes, tips and tricks and more!
I have been enjoying Wellington and a bit more of the diplomatic live as we now have more liberty to meet people in persons. I notice that we have more parties, dinners, gatherings and so on.

Las week Wellington was enjoying the Matariki celebration. Matariki is the Māori New Year and this year is the first public celebration in New Zealand. We have series of events, including the prayer, light shows and fireworks. Wellington was packed with people on the night we have the fireworks. It was really fun indeed! I will share more on a dedicated post about Matariki for sure.

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  1. Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  2. The celebrations sound so fun! I hope everyone had a good and safe time during them!

  3. So, Matariki ini tahun baru Maori tapi memang nggak terjadi di awal tahun kaya tahun baru internasional ya, mbak? Kaya tahun baru Hijriah deh kalau Islam gitu.
    So much fun!! Ngebayangin New Zealand dengan viewnya yang spektakuler ditambah pemandangan kembang api di malam hari. And please send my greeting to your lovely Oh My Heartsie Girls members.

  4. Sehat selalu mbak Indah, ditunggu postingannya tetang Matariki ya.. Oh ya.. saya suka pesta dan makan makan hahaa..

  5. Wah, baru tahu nih aku dengan Matariki ini. Ternyata ada juga ya tahun baru lain selain tahun baru Masehi, tahun baru cina, dan tahun baru Islam. Meriah juga ya perayaannya. Ada fireworks. 😍

  6. Seru banget kayaknya ya Mbak Matariki celebration ini. Apalagi light shows-nya, pasti semarak banget.. ini daya tarik para wisatawan juga ya selain views Wellington yang emang indah banget :)

  7. Cantik banget Matariki celebration.
    Pengalaman mengikuti Māori New Year di Wellington.

  8. Baru tau aku kak Matariki ini tahun baru Maori tapi memang tidak terjadi di awal tahun beda Sama tahun masehi/kalender Indonesia gitu ya... Next mau cerita selanjutnya tentang Matariki

  9. Asiknya mba, kerja plus plus.😊

  10. It is amazing I hear about new year called "Matariki". The celebration sounds great. If Wellington only near Jakarta, maybe I can go there for see the celebration of Matariki. Hehe..

  11. Kangen jalan-jalan liat kembang api jadinya mbaa. Pernah tahun baru di Hongkong tahun 2011 kalau nggak salah aku keluar nonton. Sehat selalu Mba Indah dan keluarga


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