Escapade to New Plymouth and Lake Taupo (Part 1)

Three Sisters and the Elephant
Escapade to New Plymouth and Lake Taupo

During the Lebaran or Eid Al Fitr break, we had an impromptu holiday to New Plymouth and Lake Taupo area.

Since we celebrated the Victory Day on Tuesday, we then had some times around the week before the office started again. We decided to take a short trip,- which then became extended one, to New Plymouth and Lake Taupo areas. And not only us, but 3 other families as well. so in total it was 13 of us!


The plan is to see the famous Mount Taranaki and its reflection, visit the Three Sisters and the Elephants, then explore Lake Taupo, including the Huka Falls and the Huka Prawns before heading back to Wellington. Well, We still had time but I was planning to have an open house for Eid Al Fitr on Sunday so we had to be back to Wellington on Saturday.

Our first stop was the city called Foxton.

welcome to Foxton!

We stopped at Cafe de Mollen although unfortunately the cafe was closed. 

We still enjoyed the lunch break here on the picnic table in front of the cafe and the mollen, or the wind mill. 

We bought some souvenirs as well and tried the Foxton Fizz in raspberries. Delicious indeed and we got some home as well.

the Foxton Fizz is...

We then continued our trip to Mt Taranaki area but apparently we were too late and it was too cold already so we didn't get a glimpse of it. We then went straight to the beach area, the Three Sisters and the Elephant. Lucky us we arrived on time as the sunset was beautifully starting. We walked barefoot from the parking lot to the wonderful arrays of rocks, beach and brilliant sky. It was magical!

Then after a good rest in Coronation Court Motel in New Plymouth, we explored the surrounding areas in the morning before heading to Taupo. 

the top of Mt. Taranaki from afar

We went to the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge and Fitzroy Beach. The bridge was under renovation but we still managed to enjoy the beautiful view and pathway in this area.

the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

As it's winter, we certainly did not go to the water LOL. But it was not less fun as we took so many photos here. We finally had a glimpse of Mt. Taranaki here.

the bridge and Mt. Taranaki a far

On the way to Lake Taupo, we took the State Highway 43 or the Forgotten World Highway. 

welcome to the Forgotten World Highway

Although the road was very challenging, the view is so beautiful and at some points it reminded us to Palisades highway back in New York. We stopped by and took more photos in some spots that have autumn signs like those beautiful  foliage trees and deserted roads. Here are the photos we have.


Well, that's the first part of our little Escapade to New Plymouth and Lake Taupo this year. Wait for more story and adventures yaaaa.


  1. MasyaAllah, cantik banget ya langit dan alam disana, masih bersih banget nampaknya. Semoga saya dan keluarga bisa kesana juga. Terus salfok juga nih sama jembatannya unik dan instagramable buat foto-foto hehe.

  2. Te Rewa Rewa Bridge .. namanya unik ya ... kalau kata "rewa" ini ada juga dalam bahasa Makassar yang artinya kira2 "jemawa".

  3. I always enjoy your story sist, as if I am also being there, hehe, have a wonderful Journey and stay health ya sist

  4. Cantik banget ya gunung Taranaki nya, mana cuacanya cerah banget.
    Rewa Rewa Bridge nya juga unik banget ya, jadi instagramable, hehehe

  5. Viewnya bagus banget mbak Indah, aku lihat gunung Taranaki di kejauhan aja cakep gimana pas sampe sana. Ikutan happy baca perjalanannya ke kawasan New Plymouth

  6. suka banget sama langitnyaaaa, bersih dan terlihat indah banget

  7. Pas banget malam yang gerah ini baca artikelmba Indah eh ada foto minuman kebayang fanta dingin ya ampun segar bangeet. Mba, itu Te Rewa-Rewa Bridgenya menggemaskan sekali bentuknya, cakep buat foto-foto juga ya mba

  8. Pasti memberikan kenangan yang sangat menyenangkan bisa menghabiskan waktu bersama orang-orang tersayang, meski singkat waktunya mbak. Pemandangannya bikin takjub serasa menikmati kebesaran Allah. Pasti bener-bener bikin relax ya mbak bisa berkunjung ke kawasan New Plymouth.

  9. seru banget mbak menikmati lunch di picnic table, di sini jarang2 bisa kaya gitu. Btw langitnya cerah banget itu ya

  10. Jembatan Te Rewa Rewa cantik, alamnya juga. Itu kalau buat foto atau lokasi drama bakal bagus ya apalagi pas cuaca cerah

  11. Sepi ya, kak Indah..
    Rasanya bisa menikmati jalan di alam dengan udara yang segar.
    Danaunya juga bisa digunakan sebagai tempat wisata menyenangkan.

  12. Eyaampun, cantik banget pemandangannya. Bikin adem di hati, adem di mata. Duh seru dan asyik nih bisa refresing begini habis lebaran ya. Sehat-sehat selalu Mbak Indah sekeluarga. ☺

  13. Waaaa seru bangeeeett mba Indaaahh, mauu ikuttt ke Rewa Rewa bridge, kupikir tadinya daerah rawa rawa jadi namanya rewa rewa hahahahahaa


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