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Enjoying summer in Rimutaka

Beautiful summer we have here in Wellington!

Many hot, summery days are coming and sometimes it's even too hot and humid. Not that I am complaining but since we are indeed closer to nature and reduce the use of non-essential electronics, I have no air-con in my room and we pretty much depend on the breeze in hot, summer days. 

One foggy morning in my house

But make no mistakes, foggy mornings are still coming but then in the middle of the day, the sun is greeting us all excitedly. That is why we always have to wear (or bring) layers whenever we go. This reminds me of my uni days in Melbourne, Australia. They said the city can have 4 seasons in a day. In Wellington, it will be 5 seasons: summer, fall, winter, spring and windy. 

I have applied for the kids' schools in the area and hopefully we will have the confirmation soon. Obi will be on the 7th grade and Bo will be enjoying 11th grade. The classes start in February 2022 and we obviously have different system from Indonesia. To start with, the new term of the classes starts in July/August. So then, Obi, who left the 6th grade in the middle of the way, will not have to repeat 6th grade again and will skip to the 7th grade. Meanwhile, Bo hopes he can start at the 11th grade as 12th grade is packed with tests and assessments. I think it's fair enough to get some adjustments before jumping to all the final stages of his school terms.

Anyway, we will soon enjoy some long weekends. I sincerely hope we can actually go out there to see more of the beauty of New Zealand. Meanwhile, we are still restricting our moves as Omicron threat is just around the corner. I know that we all still have to be extremely vigilant so please please please, stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Now, join me on Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends.

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  1. You are blessed to have nature to escape to and fill your batteries! Enjoy your summer (we are freezing over here and I cannot wait for some warmer weather)!


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