Quest on the Terrace, A Compact Aparthotel in the heart of Wellington

Kia Ora! 

I hope everyone is fine and just like us, the Frakarsas, you find everyday a brand new adventure. We are now entering the third week of our journey in the land of Kiwis. Since arriving in Wellington, we have lived temporarily in Quest on the Terrace

An apart hotel resides in the heart of Wellington City, Quest on the Terrace has been well-known as a hub for those staying in the city for a long period of time or those who just briefly visit the city.

We have booked this place for one month stay. Well, until the end of December, we will be staying here. Good thing I have already found the house for us and I will definitely share the story of this homey home-away-from-home on the next post.

So, let's take a closer look at 
Quest on the Terrace.

I got the 2-bed room apartment with daily service (except on Sunday and public holiday). I have one double bed for my and my hubby and 2 single beds for my kids, temporarily.

It has complete kitchen, with stoves, oven, hood, fridge, microwave, toaster, utensils and dishwasher.  Dinnerwares and cookwares that can cater 4-6 peoples are also available. 

Before I go further, I just have to point out that I have wonderful view of the houses on the hills (so Wellington) from my living room.

the lovely view from my living room

We have the living room and one bathroom with toilet and washing machine as well. You get your flat screen TV, Sky box (for extra channel and entertainment) and in-room phone. The living room have love seat comfy sofa.

We also have the dining table for 4 as well. 

Really a comfort of home, although now it's packed with out big luggages.

Oh, and we also have access to the gym, which is located two-buildings away and it has pool as well! I have to admit I haven't tried it but I will definitely do that. Soon!

The lobby is also comfortable. Well, not too big or too fancy but it's lovely and it has receptionist who will be ready and friendly to assist you with anything.

This place is only 5 - minute walk to Lambton Quay, which is the city center with all the shops, restaurants, malls and shopping centers, and 10-15 minutes walk to the Waterfront. Te Papa museum and more are around the area as well. So, all in all, this place is indeed recommended. 

Go check out the price on their web and get the best price for your stay! Cheers...


  1. Kebersamaan terus ada dan hangatnya cinta keluarga terus membara. Kamar yang bagus apalagi ada kompor

  2. cakep banget ya pemandangan di sana mba Indah.. btw apartementnya cukup luas ya berarti, eh iya itu aku lihat bawa PS4, aman ya di koper mba?

  3. Suasananya menyenangkan. Apalagi itu pemandangan ke luar, bagus ya. Seperti bukit di negara kita dengan rumah selang seling. Tapi di sana tertata pastinya. Gak mungkin pas kena gempa lalu terkubur, seperti yang selalu terjadi di negara kita

  4. Aiihh nyaman banget, dan suka ama pemandangannya yang cantik. Dilanjut dong cerita lainnya tentang NZ. Btw "kia ora" artinya apa sih mbak?

  5. Enaknya bisa leluasa jalan ke Lambton Quay. Tinggal jalan sebentar sampai
    Sekarang di Wellington sekarang musim dingin ya mba?
    Seht terus ya mba Insav dan keluarga

  6. Nyaman banget, kak Indah..
    Tinggal di apartemen hotel residence di Wellington City. Pemandangannya memukau dan fasilitasnya tentu bisa dinikmati dengan gembira sama anak-anak.

    Semoga pindahan ke rumahnya lancar yaa, kak Indah.

  7. Hebat ya liburan ingat olahraga. Kalau Mpo cuma ingat foto foto aja.

  8. Duh, imut banget nih kasurnya, semoga sehat selalu ya Mba, dalam perjalanan dan urusan pekerjaannya.

  9. Ini lebih homey gitu ya mba soalnya apartment, salah satu tujuan kalo ke Ausiee selain Melb ya ke NZ, bagus gitu kan kepulauan banyak pantai yang bersih. Jadi sekarang pindah tugas di sana kah mba? atau sekedar mampir .

  10. Aparthotel berarti apartemen yang dipakai jadi hotel ya Mba? Wah, asyik banget, gak perlu cari makan di luar ya. Aku baru tau lo Mba

  11. Bagus juga yaaa view dari aparthotelnyaaa... Ga sabar nungguin cerita berikutnya nih udah pindahan rumah ke yang lebih permanen, Mama Bo. Sehat selalu yaa di sana. :*

  12. Apartementnya nampak nyaman fasilitas komplit dan lokasi strategis ya


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