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Breathtaking view of Jayapura, Papua

Wishing you all a wonderful week, wherever you are.

It has been a busy week for me and my family. Business as usual, I may say.
Although I wanted to have a little off-beaten track once in a while.

I really need to relax :)
We've been busing with trip to my doctors as well as the preparation of my exam and my kids'.  Yes, I will soon go back on classes for the final phase of my diplomatic training. It will be an exciting time indeed but sometimes I feel like I'm just too old to go through all those tests, interviews and daily tasks again LOL. Well, we definitely need to take some times off for our own self-development and that's exactly what I'm planning to do now. Some of the classes given will be intense and non-stop but hey, I'm up for the challenge. Wish me luck!

We were tending our sick cat (poor old Kiki :( ) and paying a condolence visit to our dear colleague who grieved for the passing of her beloved sister. But in one lovely Saturday we also cooked together with my boy and his friends as the preparation for the cooking exercise at school. Looks like they're really having fun preparing that beef teriyaki :). It's always fun to see the boys cooking, I don't know why.

Meanwhile, in our region and I think at the global level, we are witnessing the unfolding horror caused by Corona virus, originally detected in Wuhan, China. We have seen similar spread like SARS and MERS and eventually there will be cures to properly address this situation. But again, never underestimate the outbreak. I will curb down my traveling abroad as well as carefully see the destination as well as the transit countries. The virus has reached 18 countries so far and god knows how far it will travel. So be alert, prevent it by taking simple actions such as washing your hands properly, using mask, consuming well balance diet, exercising and ensuring you have enough rest. We should be careful in making contacts with animals and do not eat undercooked meat. 

Well, sounds like a colorful week and hopefully we will have more enjoyable ones in the nearest future. Stay healthy for always!

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  1. Semnagt Mba Indah dengan exam nya yakin pasti bisa melalui semuanya dengan baik

  2. Semoga sukses dengan ujiannya ya, Mbak. Salut dengan semangat belajarnya.

    Lihat foto pertama, jadi kangen Papua nih. Pernah ke sana tahun 2010, tapi belum sempat mengeksplorasi keindahan alamnya

  3. aiih cantiknyaaa
    insya Allah bisa ada rejeki ke Papua amiiiin

  4. Sehat dan sukses selalu Mbak Indah. Senang membaca ceritanya yang penuh semangat, jadi ikut bersemangat saya:)

  5. wow anak2 lg latian untuk kelas masak yaaa dan bikin teriyaki? yummy... pasti bakal sering2 masakin jg nih. semoga bs jalan2 lg ke papua yaa

  6. Semoga harinya selalu menyenangkan ya mba Indah, fotondi awal begitu mengagumkan. Papua timur Indonesia yang begitu mempesona

  7. Mbak Indah temennya kreatif-kreatif ya. Sehat selalu ya Mbak dan semoga lulus ujiannya :D

  8. Yup corona virus bikin hati mulai deg deg an juga, semoga kita semua diberi kesehatan & panjang umur

  9. Good luck on your tests! Yes, we do need to slow down here and there and take some time for ourselves. I am sorry to hear about your friend's dear sister's passing :(

  10. Saya malah fokus ke foto-foto kartun Mbak. Kece banget ih. Jadi ingin buat seperti itu. Buat yang lagi rebahan di pantai juga haha.

  11. Ahh enggak kok, mbak Indah sama sekali gak terlihat tua untuk ujian dan interview, hihihi good luck ya mbak. Selalu happy kalo mampir kesini, auranya selalu fun. Apalagi kali ini memang membahas colorful week

  12. Hari yang sibuk ya mb ..semoga bidallsa terlampaui semuanya. Terutama untuk ujiannya. Semoga sukses...

  13. Semoga Kita semua selalu dalam keadaan sehat ya kak...Dan hari2 yang dilalu selalu penuh warna yg ceria🙏

  14. Seneng banget pokoknya kalau postingan mbak indah ini karena selalu update sehat selalu mbak

  15. Kebayang deg-degannya jadi Mbak Indah yang harus mobile ke luar negeri terus. Apalagi cakupan penyebarannya Corona semakin luas yo, Mbak. Di sini aja deg-degan apalagi yang harus mobile. Tapi tetap kudu dibawa tenang dan realistis ya, Mbak. Tetap hati-hati meskipun nggak boleh parno juga. Btw, suka sekali dengan Ibu-ibu yang selalu memiliki effort untuk self-development. I hope one day I'll be there, Mbak. Aku penginnya belajar keahlian yang arahnya bisa buat home industri.Sekarang aja aku udah pengin mulai, tapi kudu realistis bontotku masih belum cukup siap untuk ditinggal. Sementara sabar dulu deh, hehe. Semangat untuk kita ya, Mbak.

  16. Good luck buat tes-tes dan ujiannya ya, Mbak. Seneng deh di sela-sela kesibukannya, tulisan Mbak Indah selalu update dan bisa ngetrip pula. Pengeeeen bisa maen ke Papua. Semoga bisa kesampaian segera

  17. Selalu senang liat tulisan mb indah ttg ngetrip. Sehat selalu ya mba jangan lupa pakai masker.. Aku tuh jg pengen sesekali main ke papua loh. :)

  18. Seneng dan deg - deg an ya mobile nya keluar negeri terus, duh suka ingin ngetrip juga jadinya hehe.

  19. Happy Weekend Mbak
    Alhamdulillah weekend kali ini bisa kumpul bareng keluarga di desa heehee
    Sejuk, segar, dan bikin fresh
    Semoga bahagia selalu buat Mak Indah 🌺

  20. Corona lagi jadi isu hangat ya mbak, moga kita senantiasa dijauhkan dari penyakit yg demikian .
    Selamat wiken jg mbak Indah ditunggu kisah2 ngetripnya yang lain

  21. I hope you get the best for your class... yeeayy menuju ibu diplomat senior nih. Semoga sukses dan lancar karirnya ya mam, juga selalu dijaga kesehatannya agar bisa lincah beraktivitas

  22. Good luck for your exam, Mba. Terlepas dari issue virus Corona yang mulai meluas.. Insya Allah Mba dan keluarga selalu dalam lindungan-Nya.

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