To a Fabulous 2020

Wishing all my dearest friends and family a fabulous 2020!

I know 2019 has been super colorful for me and my family.
Colorful as we have so many ups and downs.
Beautiful moments captured yet many solemn instances took place.
We have so much to be grateful for, amidst the frequent trips to hospital that my hubby and I had to do along the year..

2019 is also filled with so many ‘first time’ as well.
Visit to Moscow, Russia .. hunt Aurorra Borealis in Tromsø .. ride the horse at Gedong Songo temple .. join Guinness World Record breaking attempt in diving and succeed .. do hysteroscopy ... those are among the view things I have on my list in 2019.
I guess the list is quite long.

First time ever seeing the Aurrora Borealis at Tromso, Norway

In my professional career, 2019 has provided so many wonderful opportunities for self-development and network expansion in the field of human rights and multilateral affairs.
I got the chance to travel to so many beautiful spots in the world as well, including a frequent trip to my second and third hometowns, Geneva and New York City.

But the most important thing is my petite family.
The Frakarsas
My treasure and all my life.
I was so lucky I got to spend some quality time with them.
My kids are having fun at school and making friends with so many talented youngsters, including exploring their passion in so many new fields, like martial arts.
All in all, happily, my family enjoyed our stay in out beloved Indonesia and again got a chance to explore the beauty of wonderful Indonesia.

I will definitely share more of my reflection of 2019 soon.

Wherever you are now, I sincerely wish you a blessed and peaceful 2020
May we have the faith, the strength and the courage in this new beginning
Always believe that the Almighty always has the best scenario for all of us



  1. Aamiin aamiin ya robbal alamiin
    Semoga di 2020 ini banyak keberkahan untuk kita semua ya Mbaaa

  2. Aurora, very beautiful. Semoga di tahun ini lebih baik lagi dari tahun 2019. 2020 menjadi momentum lebih bermanfaat buat orang banyak

  3. Sist..may I know how do you get to many countries and town? Is it due to work or something else? I always amazed with your post about your visit

  4. Mudah-mudahan yang ngga kesampaian di tahun 2019 jadi terlaksana di 2020.. Amiiin..

  5. 2020 bisa melanjutkan resolusi 2019 yang belum tercapai mbak Indah aamiin. Happy new year mbak.

  6. Selamat tahun baru, mba Indah.. Semoga 2020 ini merupakan tahun dg banyak kesuksesan dan kebahagiaan tuk kita semua. Aamiin.

  7. Wish you a very pleasant and great days in 2020 as well mba. I love that view of Aurora Borealis. My bucket wishlist.

  8. Wishing you healthy and ready for 2020 with so many challanging things. ;)

    Wah, ternyata sempat ke Gedong Songo juga ya pas ke Semarang. Asyik tuh bisa sampe naik kuda segala.

  9. Amiin...2019 banyak vidio yang keren2 dari mba indah. keren banget...
    Asyik baanget melihat mba indah di LN. jadi pengen kaya mba Indah. 2020 makin keren lagi ya vidionya.

  10. Aamiin.....semoga 2020 menjadikan kita pribadi yang lebih bersemangat untuk menggapai mimpi-mimpi yang belum terwujud di tahun 2019 ya mbak. Terimakasih sudah menginspirasiku.

  11. Bisa liat aurora tuh happy banget mba. Pengenku tahun depan fokus pada peningkatan ibadah semoga Allah mudahkan ya. Happy bisa tetap silaturahmi di tahun 2020 dengan mba Indah

  12. Happiest New Years wishes to you and your beautiful family, Indah. I hope 2020 offers you many more exciting opportunities, both personally and professionally. And he's wishing you the best health going forward!

  13. Semangat di tahun 2020 dan penuh kebaikan mbak. 2019 jadi kenangan dan pengalaman hidup yg menyenangkan.

  14. Belum sempat mereview perjalanan di 2019. Masih saja punya kebiasaan malas-malasan seperti tahun lalu. Duuh.

  15. to my fabulous 2020,, be nice,, hilangkan rasa malas buat blogging, wkkwkw

    hpi new years mbak indah dan keluargaa

  16. Yuhuuu, semangat lebih energik dan merecharge iman diri di 2020, and wish many happy and gratefull things happen. Barakallahu sekeluarga ya mbak

  17. Keren postingannya! Terimakasih ya kak sudah berbagi :)

  18. Happy 2020! Travels are fun, but family is the best treasure ever!

  19. Jaga kesehatan selalu karena bukan hanya tugas rumah tangga yang harus di selesaikan akan tetapi juga tugas rumah tangga negara ini. Sukses untuk kedua nya.


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