Morning Beats to Keep You Energized

Morning beats to keep you energized

"Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on yo' face
You big disgrace
Kickin' your can all over the place
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you.."

My hands were busy banging the dashboard while I sang We Will Rock you with all my heart that morning. My hubby did the same thing and people outside the car who happened to take a glance at us would be wondering what we had for breakfast to look that crazy and fierce.

Then the tune changed to Maroon Five's This love.
Oh I sang along with the sexy Adam Levine, holding my brush which unceremonially turned into a fantasy mike. 

This love has taken its toll on me
She said goodbye too many times before
And her heart is breaking in front of me
I have no choice 'cause I won't say goodbye anymore, 
hoooooaaaah, hoooah, hooooah.."

Done with it, my hubby put Bob Marley on the list.
Then our karaoke session in the morning continued, with Is This Love, Buffalo Soldiers, Three Little Birds, No Women No Cry and Redemption Song beautifully and loudly played from our player.

Traffic outside was crazy.
We were jammed packed with lines of other cars, buses, motorcycles and more.
All heading to the same directions apparently, making us trapped in daily traffic jam.
Jakarta, this is when I don't like you at all!
let's hit it!

But anyway, there are ways to beat the traffic jam for sure.
And music is always on top of the list as it has proven to be  helpful.
I am so used to having upbeat music in the morning to pump up the spirit.
My 9-year experience in the radio even gives me more privilege of memorising the lyrics of hundreds of top-40s, current hits, even the oldies.

So, as the 19th day of #BPN30dayChallenge2018 asks about ten songs I have on my playlist, I will certainly be more than happy to share my favorite tunes.

I have been musically raised up by my parents with hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, while I myself enjoy the 90s and beyond.
So, don't blame me for loving Queen, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Tony Bennet, Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Franks, the Wham, the Supremes, and more.
I can go on and on and on remembering those great times listening to those golden tunes and singing them with my dad.
Really a melange of incredible and talented singers of their times!
I can say I learn English for the first time from those songs!

Then I love female vocalists, like Sheryl Crow, Lisa Loeb, Amy Winehouse, Lisa Stanfield, Macy Gray, Tracy Chapman, Christina Augiliura, Natalie Imbruglia, Pink, Adele, Frente, Alicia Kara, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa and more.
As my hubby is a great musician (he mostly plays bass but he's a great guitarist and drummer as well), we usually sing the acoustic songs and we have lists of our favorite songs.
And as my hubby's favorite bands are also awesome, we both enjoy Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilot, Blues Travellers, Vertical Horizon, Bush, Oasis, Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses, Metallica, Sound Garden, Radiohead, U2, Imagine Dragons and more, besides the legendary BB Kings, Eric Clapton, Sting, and more.

Well I also love the latest singers like Shawn Mendez, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Cardy B, Justin Bieber and more. But again, what stay in my heart are those I love so much.

Oh my...I just can't stop talking about music!

So, before I forgot, here's the ten song I always have on my playlist in the morning

We Will Rock You - Queen
Thunder - Imagine Dragons
This Love - Maroon 5
We are Young - Fun 
Crazy - Aerosmith
I Try - Macy Gray
Ironic - Alanis Morisette
Valerie - Amy Winehouse 
Redemption Song - Bob Marley
With or Without you - U2

Surely I have more song I love to play in the morning.
I know they might have different beat and ambience but I just love 'em.
Don't ask me why I love them 'coz I just can't get enough of 'em!
Now, how about you?
What do you like to hear in the morning?
Tell me and let's sing together!


  1. Selera musiknya Mbak Indah luar biasa euy, saya jadi malu seleranya saya BSB sama Kahitna, hoho.

  2. Mbak Indah, aku sebagian besar juga suka lagu mereka. Tapi di list ku yang number 1 tuh Whitney Houston, yang lagunya One moment in Time. Itu lagu penyemangat jaman aku kuliah semester akhir, hihii

  3. Maroon 5 itu kece parah...keknya semua pasti bikin hari semangat. Sebagian besar list mba Indah juga aku suka. Tapi kayanya yang pertama kali bikin aku ngerasa semangat adalah lagu Mmmbop-nya Hanson deh hahahaha

  4. Saya baca lagunya maroon 5 sambil nyanyi dong.. hihi..
    Dari 10 lagu, saya cuma tahu 2 aja.. hehe

  5. Bob Marley is soooo soothing! I always love the beat..morning, noon and night!

  6. Wuih... lagu-lagunya mantep banget mba. Kalau pagi-pagi aku suka dengerin lagunya RAN mba.

  7. Lagu-lagunya ada sblm aku lahir �� jd maap aq kurang tw mba selain adele dan katty parry yg lagunya pnh booming, kalah sy di lagi hari suka putar lagu yang musiknya ceria, biar ikut hatinya ceria juga ��

  8. Inget Lisa Loeb tu zaman saya SMP. Apa kabarnya ya sekarang? By the way, lagunya U2 itu juga favorit saya Mbak saat ngerasa sendiri dan harus kuat.

  9. kalau inget Thunder jadi ingeti si Sulung ni lagu kesukaannya meskipun ga tau liriknya tapi dia suka banget thunder :)

  10. Music memang bisa mempengaruhi mood. Waktu masih ngantor, kalau di bis mendingan saya pasang walkman *jadul banget, ya hahaha*. Sekarang juga kalau di rumah, saya lebih suka beberes sambil dengerin musik

  11. Tema yang ini aku bingung deh karena udah lama gak dengerin musik. Ga tau musik-musik terkini nih.

  12. Song listnya hampir sama mbak, hehe. Masa muda dulu..(((MUDA))) seneng dengar lagu yang agak cadas. Sekarang masih suka juga lagu cadas 90-an dan lagu selow 2018-an :)

  13. Aku lebih pilih lagu2 RnB yg bisa menyemangati pagiku, mba..tapi gak nolak juga dengerin genre lainnya..kadang2 sesuai mood.. Klo Queen yg paling kusuka Love of my life.

  14. Duuhh Mbak, cuma tahu dan familiar dgn This Love nya Maroon Five nih Mbak.
    Ada beberapa tahu tapi dengarnya gtu ajah :D

  15. Good morning mba. Jadi kapan kita bisa kopdar lgai??? Mumpung aku di Jakafta nih

  16. Lagu-lagu maroon five hampir semua saya suka kak dan itu karena mantan saya suka group itu jadinya ketularan suka haha.

  17. AKu tau lagu2 gini ya dari anak-anak mbak. Maroon 5 yang judulnya Girls like you juga enak mbak

  18. Wah ada U2 hehehehehe, aku ga dengerin musik sekarang jadi ga punya list. Ga hafal lagu2 zaman now. Hahahahaha. Ngertinya Maher Zain

  19. Dari list di atas aku cuma tau maroon 5 aja, emang lebih sering dengar asing song soalnya hehe

  20. This love, I try, with or without you juga selalu nangkring di playlistku, gak pernah diganti karena suka banget ��

  21. Beberapa sering denger yang lain belum. Jadi kepo selera lagu mba indah ini 😍

  22. Aku tau maroon five sejak SMP loh ditahun 2003 an dan sampe skrg masih ada list playernya di hapeku ini suaranya masih sama ya ampunn keren ya

  23. I love some Queen's too Mbak Indah, di playlist ada Under Pressure.
    Sama satu band yang lebih muda: Fun. ada lagunya yang mengingatkanku pada Queen juga: Somenight :)

  24. Wah kyknya kita satu zaman ya mba. Aku jg kenalnya yg beginian ��

  25. Waah....never ending love story song eveeerr...
    Aku juga suka, Momi...tapi yang jaman aku, macam Westlife, N'Sync, Blue, BSB.

    Hihii...kangen...Alanis juga yaah...

  26. mba indah, ini mah tebang lawas bgt, ada deep purple...aku suka juga.

  27. Wah wah ini gambarnya muncul di sini lagi. Gambar yang aku kira permen haha.
    Kalau soal lagu, aku angkat tangan. Ga ngerti.

  28. Waah ada Frente, Queen, itu kesukaan aku mbak :)

  29. Hmm... Suamiku penggemar Leo Kristy. Musik aneh Dari megeri antah berantah yg seeing kudengar jika lagi...hahaha

  30. Kalo saat INI suamiku lagi suka sukanya dengan I.U, artis Korea. Hahaha... Kamarku diinvasi lagu nya I.U

  31. What a happy way you have to pass the day!!!!

  32. dari musik aja kita tau angkatan berapa dirimu mba. ternyata podo tuweke ya. haha aku juga kenal semuanya

  33. Makasih Mba Indah sarannya. Lumayan nambah2 pengetahuan soal parenting. Meski saya belum punya anak hehhehe

  34. That is a great list! My mood switches so often, my morning mix is always different. This week it's holiday pop hits (hello Mariah Carey) but next week it might be hip hop hits or old school country. I'm a lady with many tastes lol

  35. My family gets into music too! My taste is a bit different than most. I like Gotye, a Mongolian Folk Rock Band called HU, Balmorhea, Khusugtun - An Ethnic Ballad Group, Xavier Rudd, Asha - Fire on the Mountain, Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, but I also really like Prince, Queen, some Bowie, and more.


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