Akun Instagram Favorit? Ini Dia Daftarnya


Here comes the questions for Day 15!
Wuhuuuu..it's half way already!

For the next question we have for #BPN30dayChallenge2018, the question is 10 favorite Instagram accounts that I love the check. Now now, 10 is a decent numbers but I guess I will have to scrutinize lots of accounts that I ocassionally visit. As an introduction, I guess it’s good to mention that I love Instagram for its vast information and entertainment provided. 

In short, it’s fun, fun, fun!

I myself have multiple accounts of Instagram and don’t ask me how many ;).

I usually ‘browse’ for fantastic photos of Indonesia and wonderful places to visit across the globe; Kementerian Luar Negeri or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia; United Nations and things surrounding it; underwater schemes and everything related to scuba diving; fashion; cosmetics; recipes and amazing food photography; and sample sales, among others! For the last one, sample sales, I always follow the IG account and its Insta Story. 

Saya juga banyak mengunjungi para influencers maupun akun teman-teman bloggers yang memang aktif di IG. Tapi karena jumlahnya lebih dari 10, even hundreds  (and I love them all) sepertinya agak kurang adil jika saya masukkan hanya beberapa saja. Jadi nanti kalau diminua listing 100, aku akan kasih semua :).

So now, without further a do, here are 10 favorite Instagram accounts I love!


Frankly, I love everything about National Geographic. It has a few accounts including @natgeo, @natgeotravel, and @natgeowild. For sure you know why I prefer @natgeotravel as it showcases those incredible spots in the world, including Indonesia. 


Oh my .. I love her one-of-a-kind, quirky and vampire-inspired style on her food! I don't know about you but I love those unique, out-of-this-world art works! Asli kereeeen banget! Salah satu yang Aku suka banget adalah kue khusus yang didedikasikan untuk Freddy Mercury, khususnya setelah film Freddy drills. The details of her work really blows my mind. No wonder she has 464 million followers, including me!

@ditut et @pinot

Ini tetangga favorit kami  di New York City! 

Kami dengan innocentnya bertemu dengan salah satu influencer kondang di Instagram dan Twitter, tetanggaan yang cuma beda berapa blok rumahnya dan anak-anak sekolah bareng. Again, both of them are AWESOMEEEEE! Ditut is super talented with her drawings and Pinot is crazily creative! Both of them have been internationally recognized for their works, including by Adidas, Google, and Zach King, and they are INDONESIANS! You guys go ahead see their works yourself. No spoilers :).

Some of my favorite IG accounts :)


I don't know when I started loving her and her works but for sure I usually check her account to see tips, tricks, and the latest updates on her collections as well at her other account @shophudabeauty. I am A BIG FAN of her lipsticks, and so far I have been using  6 shades of her matte lipsticks! She also has so many beautiful palates and more. SO, what are you waiting for!


Nothing else to say but this is my ultimate reference for all beauty related. Well, I know we have so many other choices out there, but again, I am soooo in love with Sephora since 2004 when I first shopped at its bling-bling outlet at Champs-ellysez, Paris! I remember buying 1 bag of stuff and got another bag of free stuff! Wuhuuuuu...Sephora really knows how to wow people, especially ladies. Its IG account is also wonderful and give you more tips, tricks and more all beauty enthusiasts love!


Needless to say I keep following this account for all the important global issues being discussed at the United Nations. Even more, so many important references are highlighted in this account, not only the glimmering and successful stories, but also all the problems that we all face. It might sounds very heavy but go check it out.


Akun IG kantorku tercinta! 
Kenapa saya sering cek? karena senang ajaaaa.
It's good to know that my office is keeping up with the latest technology and use up-to-date approach in spreading the news as well as our works. 
Teman-teman suka cek juga ngga? Seringkali ada kuis dan giveawaysnya lhooo. 


PADI is the world-wide famous diving certificate provider and besides providing the technical expertise and skills related to diving, it also provides latest tempting information for courses and diving trips! Dan Aku selalu moping kalau melihat akun mereka ini. Bawaannya mau bilang: take me there!


Ini akun wajib untuk yang sering kangen dengan Indonesia dan yang suka traveling di tanah airku tercinta!
I love to see those vivid colors and living photos which spark your energy and desire to explore more of Indonesia! I will definitely check their account and get more information about those wonderful hidden treasures.

So, 10 akun Instagram favorit aku seperti di atas!
Jadi penasaran dengan akun pilihan teman-teman..
Let's see then!


  1. Favoritnya hampir sama nih mba instagram penyuka travel :) meskipun akunnya ada yang beda pilihannya :)

    1. iyaaa bener mba...mostly keren-keereen ya untuk IG yang traveling

  2. Sephora ... yesss it's papering all of girls hihihihi.

  3. I spend way too much time on Instagram. I have so many favorites, but if they are travel related, I get sucked right in.

    1. me too as a matter of fact..I love those awesome trips and places!


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