What's in my bag?

What's in my bag? pic: pixabay

What's in my bag?
Interested to know what are the must-bring items in my bag?
Can you guess what are those?

Here's another interesting question we have for #BNP30dayChallenge 2018

Lima benda yang ada di tasmu.

Apa sajakah itu?

To begin with, I always use big, big bags.

Small bags, unfortunately, do not fit me.
Not only because I have a towering figure (another way of saying obese :)) , but also because I always have a lot of things inside of my bags.
I just don't know why I have so many things inside but those are the things I need on daily basis. And 5 is such a small number in this case.

So, let's see what we have in my bag


This is a must! 

Pokoknya ngga bisa deh yang namanya hape ketinggalan.
Well, I don’t want to sound like a gadget freak but every thing is in my amart phone now. Contacts, works, drafts, photos and even my electronic wallet. So you can imagine how important it is LOL. I might forget my wallet or my money I still can tolerate it. But leaving my smart phone? A big No No. Oh, and one more thing, I always bring my phone with its charger and cable. I big package we have here. 


Stay hydrated is the best option for me who is traveling around on daily basis and mostly in the middle of the day. And Indonesia is hot, hot. Commuting in the middle of the day, even with online transportation and cars, still make me easily thirsty. So, water bottle has to be inside the bag. All the time.

I usually bring my alkaline water feom home and keep some at the office. Nowadays, we have many choices of bottled alkaline water so I’m good.


Here is THE most entertaining part of my bag.

Why? Because my cosmetic pouch is like the world of its own.
Pasti tau kaaan Lena-a. Karena memang isinya banyak aja hehehe.
Aku suka masukkan at least 4-6 lipstick at the same time, walaupun ngga semuanya full size karena Aku juga punya banyak yang travel size dan imut gitu. Terus ada bedak, mini perfume, eye liner, eye shadow (mini), highlighter, sisir mini, hand lotion, dan cotton buds plus tapas. Tuuuh..komplit kan hehehe.
Yang ngga ada make-up remover aja, karena akan selalu sabar untuk bebersihan di rumah biar afdoe.


Well, wallet is important as I put all my carda in there. I don’t always bring cash but I have all my cards, including my ID, driving license, insurance card, credit cards and more. 

Jadi bukan uang di dompet yang penting, tapi semua kartu identitas yang perlu dibawa setiap saat.


This is one of the latest addition to my bag.

While in NYC, I never bring hand fan in my bag.
Sejak pindah ke Indonesia, aku sering banget kepanasan hehehe. Yah wajar lah, arena suhunya memang hangat-hangat kuku begitu.
Jadi daripada mati gaya karena kepanasan, kapas di tangan sering beraksi.
Untungnya aku punya beberapa koleksi kipas yang lucu-lucu, jadi seneeeng bawanya.

That's the must-have items in my bag.

What about you?
Benda wajib apa yang harus ada di tasmu? Share yaaa.

See you on the next post..


  1. It looks pretty minimalistic. That's the way to go. My husband always asks for things like, "Do you have a q-tip or tweezers in you purse?" I'm like, "No." He thinks I'm Mary Poppins, and have everything inside there.

    1. hahaha so true, Alissa. We don't have magic bag that carries everything!


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