5 Favorite Restaurants in New York City a la My Purple World

Here comes the review of our favorite restaurants!

Well, as we continue #BPN30dayChallenge2018, day 7 requires your honest reviews about 5 of our favorite restaurants.

I guess I will start with 5 restaurants in New York city then in Indonesia.

Sounds delicious?

Berhubung saya belum banyak mampir ke restoran enak di tanah air, kai ini saya mau menuliskan 5 restaurant favorit saya dan The Frakarsas di New York City. Boleh kan yaaa.. karena memang restorannya asyik-asyik lho.
Let’s start!

The Halal Guys

The best gyro and chicken I have tried. 
And NYC loves it too! 

Whenever I go get it,  there will always be lining up, be it in the after noon, evening, or even midnight.

Let's line up :P

With only $8 for platters of chicken, beef, combo, or falafel and $6 for the sandwiches, surely people love this taste food.

And the taste..it's simply exquisite! I don't think I can do justice in trying to describe the delicious taste of beef and chicken gyro from the Halal Guys.

You can find them on West 53rd st and the 6th Ave.
They also open the restaurant in the 14th and 2nd ave.
Try it if you are happen to be in the Big Apple.

Ravagh Persian Grill

Halal and great taste indeed, that’s the first thing I have in mind when it comes to Ravagh Persian Grill. And the portion is big. No, it's huge! 

I always try the combination grill, with delicious grilled chicken, beef, and lamb in one huge plate. Of course I will not eat them all myself but share tem with othere or take them home.

We usually have 2 plates of rice which you can change or upgrade into sweet and sour one (with Cherry on it) or the one with saffron. The standard one is a plate of Basmati rice, which is alao good because it has low GI.

The desserts are also interesting. Try the traditional ice cream and faloodeeh, then tell me what you think about the taste :)

Blue Box at Tiffany’s

Favorite corner!

Remember Breakfast at Tiffany’s? One of the classic movies I love to watch.
And Tiffany’s itself is a world-famous jeweller, known for its intricate design anda high quality diamonds and gemstones.

And now they have the cafe!
The Blue Box cafe, to be exact.

It's a super cozy cafe indeed! And simply beautiful with blue robin ambience here and there and Tiffany's famous silver and dinnerware :). 

Besides all those top-notch Tiffany's trade mark blue tableware, the ambience, the food and the service is lovely! 

We had to wait a little while although my reservation was for 12.15, but as soon as we got our table we were served right away. We tried the lunch menu and I looooove the mushroom soup! Super tasty! The lobster salad is also fresh and my Emerald as well as NY Cheese Cake is great. 
Happy me :)

They only have breakfast menu, lunch or tea, for a fixed price of USD 29, 39, and 49 respectively. Will try the breakfast and tea menu next time :) 

It's crazy to get the reservation here as it's fully packed all the time but would be happy to come back here again with more friends. I learned the tricks from the Tiffany's staff btw, try it to RSVP slightly after midnight, didn't get the reservation right away but I put the notifications and they send me updates once the tables are available. And I got it after trying it once :)

Ali Baba

Looking for restaurants serving halal food in NYC, particularly Manhattan, can be a bit challenging, if not difficult.

Although we have a , but most of the halal restaurants are located in Queens, in certain areas such as Astoria, Elmhurst and Jamaica.

Turkish pizza, pide :)
But luckily, in Midtown Manhattan, we have one lovely restaurant serving halal food that we love.  Ali Baba Restaurant.

This Turkish restaurant serves a good variety of delicious mediterranean food.
My favourite is chicken adana and chicken kebab, as well as their lentil soup, salad, as well as pidé and cheese roll. Their falafels are also delicious.

Taverna Kyclades

grilled calamari
Last but not least, it's Taverna Kyclades.
Our love for fresh seafood, which reminds us of home, brings us to this famous and most authentic Greek Taverna in Astoria, Queens, NYC, our dearest neighbourhood.
We love all the seafood, starting from grilled and fried calamari, grilled whiting, salmon steak, oyster, crab cake and more!
With super friendly service and a long line, this family restaurant is coined as one of the most authentic Greek restaurants in NYC.
And my family fully supports that!

So, that's 5 favorite restaurant that the Frakarsas often visit and enjoy in NYC.
Do you like any of those restaurants as well?
Which one do you think is your favorite?


  1. It all sounds so good, Indah! I am sure NY has some of the best eateries around. With such a mish mash of ethnicity there, you're probably never bored with the food options.

  2. It all looks good to me! I'm pretty pleased with most food.

  3. The 'NYC' title brought me here! Kota impian aku banget New York tuh, berharap suatu saat bisa ke sana. And the Blue Box cafe looks lovely with the all blue interior. Also the grilled calamari by Taverna looks yum! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Wah aku tertarik Ali Baba Restaurant mba Indah hahaha itu turkish pizzanya kayak yummy lagi pengen pizza lihat foto ini duh makinlah pengen :p

  5. Wuah itu kece banget pojokan yang warna Tosca, pasti betah duduk di situ ya Mama Bo :D

  6. Calamarinya menggoda banget minta dicomot. Allhamdulillah masih bisa makan di resto halan di New York ya

  7. Aku suka semua menu makanannya. Enak semua deh kayaknya. Baca postingan jadi teringat novel The Architecture of Love karya kak Ika Natassa karena kebanyakan latar tempat novelnya di New York.

  8. Alhamdulillah sudah banyak tersedia tempat makanan yang menyediakan makanan halal ya..jadi tenang mau kulineran di sana.

  9. Duh turkish pizza nya bikin ngiler

  10. Deuh Mb
    Keren semuaa
    Kapan y bisa ke sana n wiskul lol
    Doakeun mba

  11. Waw di NYC juga banyak restoran halal ya Mbak? Kebanyakan milik orang Timur Tengah ya

  12. Duh aku ngiler sama TurleT pizza euy itu kejunya banyak banget ya. Btw ternyata udah banyak resto halal ya disana.

  13. Negaranya saja asyik apalagi restorannya Mbak.
    Eh galfok sama cumi panggangnya, yammi....

  14. Turkish pizza nya bikin mupeng, hahhaa
    Ob iya Tiffany's cafe harganya mahal2 ya mbak, meski aku juga belum tentu kesana. #eh

  15. Grilled calamari begitu menggoda, hehehe ..di NYC juga banyak resto halal food ya, senangnya, semoga ada rezeki bisa ke sana kayak mba Indah hehehe

  16. Pasti kalau ke luar negri yang dicari makanan halalnya, ternyata di NYC banyak disediain halal food yah kak, thabks banget rekomendasinya

  17. Eiits...Turkish pizza nya muantaaab... Dan calamary nya juga bikin mupeng..haha ..

  18. Di sana The Halal Guy termasuk makanan kaki lima ya Mbak. Kalau di Indonesia masuknya ke mall, ya. Harganya juga lumayan kayaknya :D

  19. Alhamdulillah ada resto makanan halal ya. Nama The Halal Guys itu menyolok sekali, ya ... sangat kentara pemiliknya muslim. Salut saya, berani menunjukkan identitas sekaligus memang misinya menyiapkan makanan halal untuk kaum muslim ya, Mbak.

  20. Nyam nyaamm...itu ngeliat Turkish Pizza keknya enak banget ya. Jadi ngiler liatnya XD

  21. Aduuh itu grilled calamari bikin mupeng, soalnya aku suka banget sama cumi

  22. waaaahhh.... calamarynya... gede-gede banget.... aku suka... ya ampun, aku dan anak2 pada suka calamary dan itu gendut banget calamarynya (di jakarta kalo gendut gitu isinya tahu hahaha)

  23. dan aku juga bakalan suka dengan turkish pizza nya kayaknya. Ya ampun, jadi inget resto turkish di jakarta yang pernah aku datangi dan bayar nyaris 2 juta buat makan pizza kayak gitu persisi!

  24. Dari fotonya keliatan enak-enak banget menunya, mbak. Semoga suatu saat nanti bisa ke sana dan makan di salah satu resto yang mbak indah rekomendasikan ini. Aamiiin..

  25. Mbak Indah, serius mau nanya, tolong jangan dibully...

    itu masukin google map caranya gimana?

  26. Turkish pizza nya menggoda sekali, grilled calamari jugaaa. Mama Bo biasanya makan di luar gitu sama keluarga kah?

  27. Nyam enak2
    Btw yang Halal Guys aku pernah dengar di postingan siapa gtu. Kalau yg lainnya baru tau dr postingan Mbak Indah ini.

  28. Mbak..disana cari makanan halal susah nggak? Kalau aku keknya dari 5 pilihan di atas milih turkish pizza..kok aku jadi ingat kebab ya :)

  29. Banyak juga ya restoran halalnya jadi ga usah takut ke NYC deh.

  30. Yesss...
    I like those foods.

    But if im on travelling, maybe still search a rice for my Javanese tummy.

  31. Yang Blue Box in Tiffany kece banget ya mam. Hayuukk..bikin juga mam Purple Box-nya ;) Rada susah juga ya nemu yang resto halal di sana, rata2 punya orang Turki ya mam?

  32. Nanti kalau ke NYC saya sempatkan kesini ya Mama Bo
    Semoga ada rezeki makan di salah satu tempat di atas


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