Sunrise at Bukit Randu, Lampung

When the sun rises, we all feel blessed and recharge.
It feels so good to be back home and meet all my big family.
And Lampung, my dearest hometown, is blessed with abundant, timeless beauty.

Good morning!
Here are some snaps from my phone during the sunrise at Bukit Randu, Lampung.
Bukit Randu hotel is the venue for the International Seminar on Krakatau, one of the events in Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018.


  1. That bright red's something you don't see everyday. I love it!

  2. We had a big red sun like that last week. It's so incredible when you can catch it in the sky. What a beautiful view you were able to wake up to.

  3. Ya ampuun, aku ngga dapat sunrise pas di sana, Mam. Bangun2 matahari udah terik. Hahaha. Cakeep!


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