WW: World Cup Final at Rockefeller Center

The world was watching!
The World Cup Final is surely one thing you don't want to miss if you enjoy football.
In my case, it is the crowd that attracts me :).
And off we went to the Rockefeller Center that day.

Rockefeller Center on the D-Day
As people were concentrated on the big screens, the streets surrounding the Rockefeller Center were nearly empty.

Nearly empty

World Cup 2018

Sponsored by NYC Football Club and Telemundo

As space is limited, people watched from the street and made sure they didn't miss those beautiful goals made during the match.

We need more space here :)

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  1. Aku kemaren gak nonton finalnya, ketiduran >.<

  2. I don't know a thing about sports, but I overheard several of my coworkers talking about the World Cup last week. Do you know the answer to the trivia question we chose at https://www.capegazette.com/article/trivia-who-was-first-player-make-5-world-cup-appearances/161090?

    1. I don't know them either, Kristin but I love to see the crowd and feel the energy :)

  3. It was similar here in London too, heheh!

    Have a goaltastic week :-)

  4. we were more into Wimbledon here since our Novak won :P

  5. Ya ampun serunya nonton pertandingan bola rame2 gitu di jalan utama ya mba. Aku jadi pengen join mbaa :)

  6. Bukan penggemar bola. Jadi, cuma ikutan euforia.

  7. Wah sampai hampir sepi jalanannya. Padahal sehari-harinya di jalanan itu macet kan, ya?

  8. Great shots!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2018/07/a-bit-of-avian-whimsey.html

  9. Wow, what a time to explore with no one there. Thanks for sharing and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  10. The empty NYC street was eerie... LOL!

    Visiting from bethere2day

  11. It was an amazing game!
    Did your team win?

    - Lisa

  12. bukan penggemar bola panatik sih tapi lihat artikel ini seru banget ya.

  13. Aku juga bukan penggemar bola. Tp pernah nemenin suami nonton bola lgs di gbk pas liverpool dulu datang 2012, dan aku keikut euforianya. Memang beda sih nonton rame2 gitu drpd di tv sendiri ato berdua :p

  14. I bet tons of people were flocking together there!

  15. Wuaaah pada nonton bola semuaaaa! Aku dan suami sama-sama bukan penggemar bola sih, jadi ya tenang-tenang aja lah hehehe.

  16. Oh wow! Fun! So do you call it Football or Soccer?

    I happen to like Soccer way more than America's Football. That makes me kind of the odd man out here in Nebraska. They love American Football here. The Huskers are the thing!

  17. We were in Paris when France won and the energy was almost tangible. So much excitement, horn honking, high 5's, hugs going around. European's do love the World Cup!


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