Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

June is finally here!
How the clock is ticking for us.
We are progressing in preparing our move back to Indonesia this summer.
I hit the 100th box, yaaay!
I don't know whether I have to be happy or worry but hey, I'm not only packing all the stuff that we will need back home but we're also packing some sweet, unforgettable memories from the Big Apple :). I know it might sound dangerous as we might end up piling all this unnecessary 'junk' (as my hubby would put it) but I think I can handle it for now.
As always, when it comes to packing, the most difficult time is to separate the to-keep and to-toss-away items. God has mercy on me :).

Some of my weaknesses, decorative pillow.
Well, enough said for the packing.
We have an exciting week as well as our campaign for the seat of the Non-Permanent member of the United Nations Security Council is reaching its final week. 

The election itself will be held on June 8th, 2018. We just had our reception on Monday, June 4th 2018, with the presence of our Minister for Foreign Affairs, H.E. Retno Marsudi.
It was a blast, with hundreds of invitees from Diplomatic Communities were attending our party at the UN Delegates Dining Room. 
And we bring some tropical touch to United Nations headquarters!

we haven't finished this corner when I took the photo
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  1. All the best with your move back to Indonesia... and all the best with the packing!

    1. Thank you sooooo much :). I do enjoy all this messy period of my life LOL

  2. Packing is always problematic. I find sorting things out to be the biggest challenge as well. Good luck

  3. Beautyful pictures. nice to see before having breakfast. Happy Fasting...

  4. Woow...the craft is sooo amazing and cute also.

  5. I've just realized that pineapple is a tropic fruit >.<

  6. Bantal jd kelemahan? Hmm.. Jd skrg udh punya banyak bantal berarti yaa

  7. Welcome back to Indonesia mba, edisi mudik yahh hehehe.. btw packing nya sampai 100 box lebih gitu paketin pakai DHL kah? Pasti biaya pengiriman nya juga mehong ya mba

  8. wow packingnya sampe 10box mba :)welcome back mba indah.

  9. I hate packigp stuff. Good luck.
    Thank you for hosting.

  10. Mbak indah..bantalnya itu loh cakep bangeet.

  11. Your blog is really nice and unique. Superbly written article. I like it so much italycatalog.com

  12. Yang bikin gagal fokus aku ada bantal lucu dan nanasnya itu loh mba

  13. Bantal2 jaman now tuh kenapa bisa lucu2 banget ya...hahahaha

  14. Mbak, ini tuh semacam collaboration antar blogger gitu kah? Saling beri backlink dan share blog+medsos?

  15. I hope you continue your blog after you move. I bet you'll love being back, near family. This was a chapter in your life that was important too. Good luck with the move!

  16. Packing is the worst part of moving. I hope you are able to take all of your treasured items home with you though. Good luck with the move. It seems like it's just right around the corner!


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