Spring in Blue

Spring in Blue

After months of bitter cold weather, we finally get to enjoy clear blue sky, sunshine, and beautifully blooming trees and flowers.
Spring is finally in the air.
These are some snaps I took this morning as I walked with my hubby and Obi to here school.
Such a glorious day indeed.

Wishing you all an enjoyable spring, wherever you are.
Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beauty of the skies from all over the world 


  1. Such beautiful blossoms! It will be a while before we have blossoms out here on the Canadian prairie, so it's wonderful to see yours! Thanks very much!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. warna langit birunya cantik banget..
    bunga apa ini mbak? cherry kah?

  3. Ya ampun, kontrasnya dengan langit bikin bagus banget kyk screen wall paper.

  4. If we have no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant :).

  5. So pretty! Our trees aren't blooming yet. I took a walk around our town's Japanese garden on Sunday but the branches were still barren. I do hope they start to this week though.

  6. So pretty! I have seen flowers on the ground here, but not ones on the trees just yet. Soon...I'm sure.


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