WW: NYC Subway Art - Mosaics at Lexington 63rd Station

I have been fascinated by the artworks adorning the subway stations in New York City.

It is wonderful to see those mosaics and certain themes displayed in those subway stations.
One of the most recent addition is the mosaics at Lexington 63rd Station at Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

I took a stroll with my son in one lovely Saturday and took a lot of photos.
Can you guess what the mosaics is all about?

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  1. Love the pouting faces lol :)

  2. These are brilliant we have artwork on our London Underground but not like this :-)

    Have an artistictastic week ;-)

    1. You too.. I love the artworks on the Subway they have here in NYC

  3. soooo beautiful. I have no other words, speechless

  4. Incredible! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Marvelous street art - absolutely marvelous!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2018/04/titanic-movie-costumes-on-display-at.html

  6. Such fascinating mosaics. I am sure NY is full of neat little works of art like this. Some day I will get there and soak it all in for myself.

  7. Those are really pretty cool! I bet there is a lot of great art pieces to see there. Send some better art to Nebraska. ;)

  8. I always enjoy this subway arts as well

  9. Wow! I was in NYC a year ago and totally missed this art. I think I was trying to figure out which line to take. Next time I'll look around the stations more. We did accidentally get on an express line and go way out of the way. Part of the adventure of travelling!


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