Katharine Hepburn Garden

Beautiful spring we have here!

Chrysler Building from the other side.

And I certainly enjoy my leisure walk around Katharine Hepburn Garden in Manhattan, New York, on my way to UN Headquarters.
Named after the famous artist, this little piece of heaven is a lovely mini park with  benches and fountains is one of my favorite spots in the city.

indah nuria savitri
Katharine Hepburn Garden, NYC

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
located near the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

The clear blue sky never fails to remind me how lucky I am to able to breath and enjoy this endless beauty of my Rabb's creation. 
I know I will always find solace on those magnificent blue skies, wherever I am.

Wishing you all an enjoyable, beautiful spring, wherever you are.
And stay blessed, dear friends.

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beauty of the skies from all over the world 


  1. Ohhhh..the Chrysler building is always a joy to see; your perspective is a new one for me. Have to put the Katherine Hepburn Garden on our to see list next time we are in Manhattan. Thanks for the posting!

  2. What a cool spot. I didn't even know the Garden existed!!

  3. Terima kasih Jeng Indah, diajak jalan-jalan menikmati indahnya Katharine Hepburn Garden. Masih awal semi ya Jeng, sebagai orang tropis masih kedinginan menikmati taman yang belum merimbun hehe. Sukses dan sehat ya Jeng

  4. I love that New York has so many beautiful places named for inspiring as well as influential people. I also love the fact that I have been able to visit New York not just once, but twice.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Katharine, Audrey, kayaknya yang punya last name Hepburn keren-keren ya. :D
    Aku baru pertama kali tahu ada taman ini. Kayaknya ngopi sambil duduk-duduk di sana bakal asyik banget.

  6. Sudah lama tidak lihat pemandangan keren di blog ini. Sekarang lihat lagi ��

  7. We sure are lucky to able to breath. Love that blue sky. :)

  8. I always like Katharine Hepburn. A classic star for sure. It's good they have a spot with her name attached to it.

  9. waa cakep banget. berasa ikut jalan2 di taman bareng mak indah :)


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