Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

March is here and how time flew!
So fast!

I'm preparing myself for another business trip.
This time it's going to be a bit far and longer than my usual trip.
12 days on the go, stopping in 5 countries/territories, including Japan, New Caledonia, France, Turkey and Portugal.
Wish me luck and good health!
Will keep you all updated through my blog and Instagram :).

This week we have the PTA meeting at my boy's school and so proud to have him as one of the best students! 
All the best for the near future ya Abang Bo and keep up the good work, love! 

So now, let's continue with our weekly linky party with #OMHGWW and have fun!

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  1. Yes! It's already March. And we've been waiting for another Holidays. I hope there won't be a snow anymore.

  2. semoga lancar business trip nya y mba Indah... and congrat buat abang Bo... keren deh :)

  3. Always wearing your characteristic colour ya, Mama Bo. Like it.
    Bo et Obi udah gede banget ga kerasa... Betapa kayanya mereka akan cerita jalan jalan bersama Ibunya

  4. Thank you for hosting.
    Big hugs from Poland.

  5. Congrats Student of the Week! You must be one proud mama!

  6. Selamaaaat ya Abang Bo! Keep up the great work

  7. Shoe box nya lucu banget ya. Abang Bo keren!

  8. It's great you have an awesome son! I love how he's getting so tall! He's going to grow past you soon.

    We just had conferences last week for my youngest. He's doing very well, but likes to find trouble. He isn't a trouble maker himself, but points out every time someone else is. We need to work on that.


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