Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Hearts Girls

The long weekend is here!
Although not exactly a long weekend for me as the UN still has some meetings during the President Day as well as the Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating it!
Gong Xi Fa Cai

These are some fun photos we took while celebrating the Chinese New Year in Paris back in 2010. Always fascinating to see how colorful the world cultures are! We were traveling with a big group of people,- our big family in Geneve I have to say,- who love photography as well What a fun trip indeed!
And I really missed it! 

I have been using the time to upload some photos on my social media accounts.
Well, some photos are taken during our trips dated back in 2016 and apparently untouched!
Let alone the stories piling up in my drafts :).
Well, I guess I will have to do them one draft at a time!

It's not easy to juggle between my family and kids,  full-time job, and appealing New York City! So much to, so little time.
Especially as I'm counting down to going back home to Indonesia this summer.
Do you sometimes feel the same way?
Like you don't wanna miss anything but you know you are tired and just need to pause for a bit. Well, I bet I will soon work it out!

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  1. Wa,meriah banget ya Mbk disana...seru
    senangnyaaa yang mau pulkam^^

  2. Foto2nya bagus dan keren, Mbak. Sono ih, kapan main ke Bandung? ^_^

    1. makasiiih...semoga nanti bisa segera main ke Bandung yaaaa

  3. all the luck and prosperity in the years to come!

  4. Selamat imlek mbak dan buat semua yang merayakan. Meriah bangat tach perayaan disana. aku thn ini sama sekali nga hunting foto perayaan imlek, cuacanya jelek pada sakit beberapa hari.

  5. Better late than never. I am glad you are sharing them with us now :) I still have photos from our Canada trip 2 years ago that I still need to share. So little time, so many photos lol

  6. 7 draft tertahan dashboard, sementara kerjaan di kantor menumpuk, di rumah keluarga jadi prioritas, sementara badah lelah dan letih. Hiksss. Curhat juga deh aku Mbak.

  7. such fun costumes! Our Chinese shop all close during this time, since their owners all flock back to their motherland and they're not trustworthy enough to leave their shops to their workers :)

  8. I bet it took a long time to put all the makeup on. It's so cool though! What a fun event!

  9. It looks fun ma! those costumes!

  10. Happy Chinese New Year! Dog Year is my year too.
    Thank you for hosting.

  11. Meriah sekali perayaan Imlek nya, nuansa merah mendominasi ya Mama Bo :)


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