Vivi Zubedi for New York Fashion Week 2018

Here we go again!

New York Fashion Week is back!
Once again the Big Apple is filled with those colorful parades of edgy, impassioned, romantic, beautiful, whatever-you-call-it fashion and vibrant works of art!
And look who’s joining NYFW The Show this coming weekend! 

Proudly welcoming Vivi Zubedi (check her on Instagram @vivizubedi) with ‘Urang Banua’ for NYFW 2018!

Showcasing the raw, indigenous beauty of original fabrics from South Kalimantan, or famously known as Pagatan Tenun (or Woven) and Sasirangan, Vivi . Both originating from this exotic province of Indonesia, the intricate techniques used in the process of making these fabrics makes them so special. Urang Banua, the locals who have known as passionate artisans, produce these beautiful pieces of arts which will be the soul of Vivi's ardent works. And with the touch of romantic glam, Vivi shows that modest style and Hijab ,- the head-covering Muslim wear, can be as sophisticated as others.

Vivi is indeed ready to show more of Banua’s beauty to the world at New York Fashion Week The Show 2018. And she is supported by HIJUP as well as Wardah Beauty, two Indonesian leading companies in fashion and halal cosmetics.

I will be proudly and happily joining the show on Saturday, February 11, 2018, 3 PM, at Industria, 775 Washington Street, NYC, NY, 10014.

Check out more info on Vivi Zubedi at and @ifg_nyc, Indonesian Fashion Gallery in NYC, and for sure I will be back with more stories and photos.

Go, Indonesian Fashion! 
Viva Wastra Indonesia!


  1. So proud! great to have Indonesian designer here in NYC

  2. NYFW the show! all the best for the upcoming event...

  3. Looks promising! I wonder how you can watch the show..

  4. Indonesia, hijab and NYC. Bravooo...

  5. I think fashion week would be such an exciting time in NYC! I always look forward to your recaps!

  6. Kerennyaaa, pasti kece-kece koleksinya ya mbaa

  7. Awesome event as ussualy... Cool!

    1. It’s a proud moment to see Indonesian designer in NYFW

  8. pengen lihat koleksinya pasti cakep3, nungguin update mbak Indah ah

  9. Great collections are coming up! Abaya and hijab? interesting

  10. Indonesian designer in NYC! Must be a proud moment.

  11. NYFW is awesome.. what an experience to be there directly!

  12. Keren nih. Designer2 Indonesia eksis di NY.

  13. Mantep banget ada desainer Indonesia neh. Bangga menjadi orang Indonesia.

  14. I have a thing for bees right now. I just love them, and hate that they are having problems making it right now. Save the bees.


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