The Frozen Pond

Winter is here to stay!
I hope you don't get bored with me saying it again and again for the last 3 months.
But things have been improving here in NYC, at least in the weather department.

After those series of bone-chilling-double-subzero-temperature days, NYC starts experiencing warmer days.
And we can comfortably go outdoorsy again.

Just like many New Yorkers, we all went to Central Park.
Right at the exit of line N, we walked straight to the Pond and voila, it was still frozen.
Not the first we saw the frozen pond at Central Park but no matter how many times we have been here in different settings, seasons and weather, Central Park always mesmerizes us with its charms.
It's amazing to see the blue sky and the frozen pond, with the sky scrapper buildings at the background.

the apples of my eyes :)

We were just goofing around and taking tons of picture as always.
And it did feel good to go out again!

central park new york

the pond central park

How's your weekend? 
Is the weather becoming friendly again in your place?

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy those awesome skies from different parts of the world


  1. The cold made for miserable weather, but the icy pond makes great photos. Our weather finally broke a couple days ago so I have made the most of it being outdoors.

    1. We are starting to have warmer days as's always good to go out :)

  2. No, we are north of you, so it's even colder here. Bring on spring!

  3. What a delightful view of the park and sky scrapers. That's a new one for me.

  4. Di sini hujan, matahari gak kelihatan selama seminggu lebih. Baru hari ini cerah :)

  5. It does look so peaceful in the winter, though I'm with Robin. Please, hurry up spring!

  6. Obie kamu manis banget sich pose begitu,

  7. bagus banget mbaaa, langitnya biru tapi kolamnya beku gitu :)

  8. even when it's frozen the pond still looks beautiful

  9. It's been cold and snowy. It's supposed to warm up though.

    I'm sure we have a lot of frozen ponds around here too.

  10. It's always a good feeling to get outside after bad weather. How fabulous to have the park for your outing!

  11. Pemandangan kolam beku-nya bagus juga ya, pasti dingin banget ya disana, disini mana ada kolam beku hahaha.


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