Saint Lucia at a Glimpse: Photo Album

I have to admit I have tons of photos taken during my short stay in Saint Lucia.
I guess it will be best if I share it here again, although I usually do it in my FB or fanpage accounts.

Sometimes, words are not need to describe the beauty we captured through the lenses.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Read the complete story here: Saint Lucia in a Glimpse.

Most of the photos are taken around the Marigot Bay and Capella Marigot Bay Hotel where I stayed. I have to say I have to go back to take the cruise, do some diving and more :).

But again, I was blessed to get a chance to visit this beautiful country!

One beautiful morning at Margot Bay

Cloudy yet lovely morning at the Bay..

Love the buildings around the Bay. Colonial style is beautiful indeed!

                And the Bay was packed by those escaping winter in yachts and boats

We managed to sneaked out to city, Castries, only for a short trip.
Down town was crowded with big cruises which happened to harbor that day. 

And here's a bit more snaps from the hotel :)

Here's where Capella Marigot Bay is located:

Have you been to the Caribbean?
Do you prefer the sea, sun, and sand like me or beautiful winter wonderland?


  1. It's a pretty country for sure. And it must be nice and warm there..

  2. Saint Lucia is a real paradise. I would surely love to visit with my family some day! You have me sold with your inviting photos, Indah!

  3. Dear Mbak Indah, I read your posts about your visit to Saint Lucia ever since you came to the general governor's residence through this post. And I love it.

    I would like to know more about you and what you do in United Nations, but I couldn't find any About-Me page in this blog.
    So may I ask, what were you doing in Saint Lucia? What were you guys talking about with the governor general? Is Saint Lucia a rich country or does it depend on tourism for capita income?

    Adeuh..kepo amat yak saya..:D

  4. WOW it's so pretty there! I wanna go. I love the sky photo you took!


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