Fall Foliage at Central Park

Fall is almost finished.
But its beauty lingers.

Every October and November, I always have great chances to enjoy the beauty  of Fall in a healthy way.
In October, I joined Making Strides against Breast Cancer.
We walked 5 miles in Central Park to join the survivors and the big families of supporters for this charity event,
On the second week of November, a day before NYC marathon, I was joining the UN Run or Abbott Dash to Finish Line 5K again this year.
Two beautiful events here in  NYC that I don't want to miss.

And as the finish line was in Central Park, I get a chance to enjoy the eternal beauty of this wonderful park during my favorite season, Fall.

My favorite spot..Bethesda Fountain..
One of my favorite spots of all time in Central Park is Bethesda Fountain and Terrace.
I can never get bored of taking some times strolling around this popular spot.
This majestic fountain is famous not only for all its angel of waters and some cute little angels on the lower part of the statue.
If you notice further, the angel holds  lily flowers, which represent the water's purity.
As I read further on Central Park website, the statue was beautifully made by Emma Stebbins, under the commission of New York City. She happens to be the first female sculptor being commissioned by the City.

While resting for  while after the 5K that day, we stopped at Bethesda Fountain to enjoy the incredibly blue sky and the fall foliage near the lake. 
We also stopped at the same spot during Making Strides against Breast Cancer.
As you see, we have the lake near the fountain. 
The trees around the lake have yellow leaves already and look beautiful.

When we walked along the Mall, it was even lovelier to see those yellowing trees.
Lines of  American Elms are magnificently framing the Literary walk, where we have statues of great poets and authors, plus Christopher Columbus as an exception.
Such a wonderful walk in the middle of the lungs of New York City.

Ah..the beauty of Fall.
I just can't help but capturing all this wonderful creations of the Almighty with my phone.

So, Fall is indeed my favorite season :).
And I am forever grateful for those magnificent trees and the wonderful sky above our head.
Do you manage to see the fall foliage this season?


  1. mama Bo itu yang bikin lukisan bisa rikues gitu ya? seneng ya liat autumn, daunnya orens semua. Mupeeeeeng

  2. Oh, My.... These are soooo beautiful. Beautiful autumn. :))))
    Aku jadi kangeeeen banget sama autumn. Musim yang paling aku suka, yang aku favoritin. :))

  3. kalau di film2 lihat danau gitu lgs nyebur berenang :)

  4. Makes me long for a return visit to NYC...

  5. If I ever get to NY, I hope it's in the fall. It just seems so beautiful there with all of the golden tones.

  6. Look so quite. Bisa berjam-jam diam disitu berkontemplasi.

  7. The beautiful Central Park!. Always enjoy my time here

  8. The leaves sure have started to turn here with the cold front that came through.

  9. Lukiaannya bagus bagus ya dari jauh

  10. Bagus banget mbak, kapan ya aku bisa ke amrik 😀


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