Endless Fun at New York Comic Con 2017

"So, are we going to be Raven, ma? Both of us?" 
My sweetie-pie Obi grinned widely while looking at me opening the box containing 2 deep-purple velvet capes and a purple hair wig.
"Are you ready? I only have one wig," I replied teasingly, knowing how she loves Raven so much
"I am so ready! You can have the wig and I will stick to my own hear, wear my purple cloak and off we go to the comic con!" Obi's fist was up in the air as she excitingly tried her costumes.
New York Comic Con, here we come!

This year, we FINALLY made it to the New York Comic Con!

Welcome to NYC Comic Con 2017
Long story short, we have been eyeing this wonderful event since 2015 but somehow something always came up and we could finally grab the ticket for 2017 show!
Practically the last year we are residing here at the Big Apple!
Way before the ticket was open for sale, I already joined the fan-verification zone so by the time the tickets were out, I directly bought it.
I got one adult and 2 kids, with the total amount of $180 I guess 😇.
And that's only for the general admission, excluding any photo-op. 
I know it's quite expensive but we just wanted to seize the moment!

My ID for the NYC Comic Con :)

So, who loves comics here?
I do!
In fact, I love them so much I still keep some of these sweet mementos from my childhood.
Archie's and Friends, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrouge,  Superman, the Amazing Spider Man, Batman, and all those Heroes, Disney's princes and princesses, Tintin, Lucky Luke,   and so many more. 

Let alone the ones in bahasa Indonesia, my mother tongue, like Petruk Gareng,... 

And of course, like many other 90s generation like me, we are so accustomed to reading famous Japanese cartoons like Doraemon, Candy-Candy, Kungfu Boy, Dragon Ball, and later Sinchan, the crazy and somehow super honest kid :).

I love reading and comics are one of the best tools of introducing the love and joy of reading to kids and even older people. 
My heart was sold when it comes to comics, books, and all those wonderful reading materials.

So now, you know why we are so excited about New York Comic Con!
  So, with that in mind, I undoubtedly bought tickets to New York Comic Con 2017.
For me and my kids.
My hubby, who loves comics as well, has an appointment at that day.
We missed the one in 2016 and I don't want it to happen again this year.

As we arrived at Javits Center at the 34th st, we immediately went to the Show Floor.
The kids loved to see Marvel stage and they actually had some shows, although we missed them :). Here in Marvel we saw a few famous characters that the kids love.

Bo also wanted to get his book Minecraft; The Island signed by the author, Max  Brooks.

So we went down stairs  to the signing line-up. Good thing we had the complete list of the authors so that we didn't miss Max. Bo was super happy that he got Max's signature on his book that he already finished reading.

Obi kept reminding me to get Game of Thrones merchandise LOL.
Well, my hubby and I are  big fans and since we talked about it frequently the kids get so familiar with the story and the characters, especially the Stark family and mother of the dragon :). As we strolled around this huge floor of Javits Center, we lined up here and there to get free goodies (although not that much) and

We took tons of pictures with those Cosplay lovers and some others.
Check out these photos we got during the event!
Surely so much fun!


We stayed until 5 PM, almost the closing time.
Kids were already tired and we had school the next morning.
But for sure, we really enjoy our visit to NYC Comic Con.
So, that's our story!
Do you like comics? Have you joined a comic con before? 
Do you have one near your place?


  1. Asyik banget sih Mbak acaranya. Semacam dreams come true yaa. Btw, kacamata pixelatednya Obi kok lucu siii

    1. Haiii Windaaa.. iyaaa nih.. aku pun seneng bangeeet :). Obi happy dapet that glasses for free hahaha

  2. Wah seru banget acaranya... jangankan anak kecil, aku yang udah gede paling kalo kesana girang banget itu bisa seru-seruan sama tokoh-tokoh comic

  3. Aku gagal fokus sama rambut ungu mbak Indah, keren

    1. Hahaha iyaaa Tiaaan... aku pun cinta beraaat sama si rambut ungu ;)

  4. I loved it Mama..it was cool!

  5. So much fun! I don't think one could get bored at Comic Con with all the cool characters flitting around!

  6. I bet in NY it's HUGE! So much fun. I have a few friends in Kansas City that have booths.

  7. Comic con is always fun! Love to see all those detailed costumes! They do it seriously for sure..

  8. Fun, fun, fun. Never been at Comic Con, but maybe someday...

  9. Seneng deh lihat dirimu kalau lihat2 event gini pasti total. Keren kostumnya :))


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