Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

What a busy week we have!

With my auntie and my mom in town, we go out almost on daily basis.
Tiring but fun!

Taking my mom to the UN Security Council Chamber
So many to see here in NYC, but with three weeks, we only covered the highlights, including to the UN Security Council chamber.


On the last day of her stay in NYC, we went to Brooklyn Bridge under the rain!
But the kids did enjoy it so we're all good :).

under the rain..

My birthday is coming and  I just can't wait.
August has always been special as we have so many celebration indeed. 
But, we'll wait until the time is here.
Now, join mo on our #linkyparty with #OMHGWW. 

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But Now......Lets Party......


  1. UN Security Council chamber...hmmmm..

  2. It's always fun to do sightseeing with family ... And shopping of course ;)
    Thank you for hosting.

  3. It's so good that your mom is staying awhile! I love that you get out daily. I'd think she'd get tired as well.


  4. wow as always good place on your story Mb Indah :)

  5. happy to have your family around..

  6. Even in the rain, the Brooklyn Bridge is a sight to behold.

  7. he he mom and aunty look really happy presiding over UN council :)

    1. hahahaha..indeed! UN looks fun with them sitting there :)


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