U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - photo album

I just can't get enough :).
To me, U2 is more than just a band! They are such an inspiration for me and many others as well, as they encourage us to be a better person, who live in a better world!

Here are some snaps I took during U2 the Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Enjoy ❤️

Happy faces :)

All photos were taken by iPhone 7 Plus, from our seat in Section 126, row 44, seat 13 and 14.
Just in case you haven't watched it, here's the video of With or Without You.

Sing with me!


  1. We saw them here in Oklahoma several years ago and they were wonderful. Great songs, great musicianship and they are an inspiration to many people.

    1. Indeed they are, Alan. I'm glad I got a chance to see them on the stage

  2. You captured some great shots, especially with a phone. My concert photos on my phone never come out so good.

  3. I can sing a long with them all night long!

  4. Wah nontonnya bareng pak suami. Asyik! :)

  5. I bet that was so cool to see! Bono doesn't seem like his voice has aged at all.

  6. Happy to be there! great concert indeed

  7. always enjoy the concert!

  8. awesome! do you just use the camera available on iphone or use any other apps?

  9. wow...keren fotonya, pasti konsernya seru abis....

  10. Cakep fotonya. Selalu suka kualitas foto pakai aipun. Detail dan fokus (gak pecah). Kalau band U2 aku kurang hafal. Dulu deketnya sama Linkin Park, The Moffats, dan BSB. :D


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