The Morgan Library and Museum, NYC

The Morgan Library and Museum, NYC.

I have been a huge fan of libraries and museums since my tender age of 10.
Taking the first trip to Museum Lampung as part of my school trip during my elementary school back home in Lampung, Indonesia.

At that time, I was fascinated by myriads of details and rich cultures about my beloved hometown, although the Museum itself needed much improvement. But, little Indah was already smithen to museums and all their valuable and interesting displays as well as information. Since then, I have been putting museums and libraries whenever I travel.

And New York City is indeed the home of so many fantastic and incredible world-class museums as well as libraries.

This time, let me take you to the Morgan Library and Museum located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.
Have you been here before?
Or have you heard about it before?

Mr. Morgan

Frankly I have passed this area and this library and museums so many times but only after I stayed for more than 3 years in the Big Apple I finally have the chance to visit this lovely place.

It was one lunch break I used in my not-so-crazily-busy summer days.
I had my quick lunch with a friend here before enjoying the library and the museum.
The Morgan dining room is wonderful as well.

Afterwards, I was so ready to explore and I directly paid for the ticket.
It costs USD 20 for general entrance and to make sure you see all the highlights, make sure you have at least 2 good hours. Promise you, it worth the visit.
Personal photography is allowed here, except for certain prohibited objects which are clearly indicated. Once I stepped in, I knew I was in the oasis in the middle of the Big Apple!

I took the liberty to see the exhibition first, as there was a tour guide right on that hour.
They had Henry James and American Painting on the exhibition.

It's interesting to learn more about this famous author's circles of artists, painters, sculptors and more.
Salon de Refusés

While enjoying this exhibition, I have more to see in that section.
This tomb effigy for Elizabeth Booth Duveneck, for example, is the one I saw previously at the Met. Henry James and Frank Duveneck happened to be good friends.

Then I continued my exploration to the next exhibition, This ever New Self, Thoreau and his Journal. He was indeed very famous for his thorough observations, journals, life stories and more. Just like us keeping our virtual diary in our blog :).

On the next one, I had the chance to see the works of Poussin, Claude, and French drawing in the classical age. Although I am far for being good at drawing, but I did enjoy those displays.

Then before my battery was running out from taking so many pictures, I went back downstairs and headed straight to the Vault, to Mr. Morgan's study and library.

It was a magnificent one!
I guess I don't have enough words to express how impressed I was.
Here are some of the pictures I took in the Study.

Mr. Pierpont Morgan

Then I moved to the vault, the library itself.
I was literally dumbfounded, not yet recovered from the red velvet study, the private reading room and office of Mr. Morgan.
And here's what I saw and totally enjoyed!

One lovely corner
The library itself is located in McKim building, and I have to say, it's the most grandeur and glorious room in this complex! 
Look at those ceilings.

Magnificent ceiling, filled with beautiful paintings and frescos.

Love the details of this index!

As you stepped into the library, you will gaze upon the great mantelpiece in the middle, made of Istrian marble, depicting the style of Renaissance Era. Right on top of it, I saw on huge, intricate tapestry. And as I quote from the Morgan's website, the tapestry is called:
" The Triumph of Avarice, with a moralizing Latin inscription that translates, "As Tantalus is ever thirsty in the midst of water, so is the miser always desirous of riches." The tapestry belongs to a series depicting the Seven Deadly Sins, designed by Pieter Coecke van Aelst (1502–50), the father-in-law of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It was produced in Brussels in 1545 by the workshop of Willem de Pannemaker (active 1535–78)."
No wonder it looks fantastic!

One huge tapestry!

At the corner of the room, I met Elizabeth.
I forgot the story of Elizabeth although I heard it on my audio guide.

And what I love about his collection is that I found the Koran.
The Holy Koran or Al-Quran, the holy book for us, Muslims.
It was put all together with the book of common prayer, bible, and other religious books.

And as they also have the exhibition Treasures from the Vault, I was lucky to see some of the rarest collection of Morgan's Library, including Mozart's Shymphony No.29 in A Major, composed in 1774 and Frédéric Chopin's Nocturne in C Minor, made in 1841!

It feels like I don't want to go out!
Even in the alley, or any void, you will find incredible piece of art purchased and collected by Mr. Morgan all those years.
I was totally planning to go back there again!

The Morgan Library and Museum, NYC
225 Madison Avenue, NYC, 10016

So, what do you think?
Do you like the Morgan Library and Museum, NYC?
Get more information on their website at and get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty and splendour ofthis place when you have the chance to visit it.


p.s. : All photos were taken with iPhone 7 plus and additional lenses from Ztylus :).


  1. Worth it mba walau batar ke museum nya mahal dibanding ke museum disini; murah tapi ya gitu.. Disana bayar museum mahal tapi banyak yang kunjungi, disini murah tapi sedikit yang visit. Kenapa yaaa

  2. What a fantastic tour! That library alone is incredible. I could spend all day in that section alone.

  3. gila keren banget tuh museum... Beneran bisa gak berasa 2 jam di dalam. Kl museum di Indonesia saya ngaku jarang masuk... A bit creepy kalau sepi tapi kl lg rame bikin gerah & susah mau liat2 agak lama... *alesan* -@riamrt-

  4. Hiihii lagi2 mbayangin film. Kayak lokasi filmnya Tom Hanks yg Demons & Angels gitu ya


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