#summerisON Giveaway

#summerison Giveaway
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Hellooo there, beautiful people πŸ’œ

My birthday is coming and nothing is sweeter than celebrating it with you all!

Ready for some giveaways?
I know I haven't had that for a while and now I will have one in Instagram.
Have you checked out @hiddentreasure081? Let me invite you to check it out!
It's open for US and Indonesian residents only.

Psssst... Udah tauuuu kaaan kalau @hiddentreasure081 mau  bagi-bagi beauty products gratis πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ’‹.  Caranya gampang bangeet!

Here's how to join the giveaways:

1. Follow @hiddentreasure081 @insav and @travelingwithindahnuria in INSTAGRAM as well as  @indahnuria et @ht081 in TWITTER.

Follow akun @hiddentreasure081 @insav and @indahnuria di INSTAGRAM as well as  @indahnuria et @ht081 di TWITTER ya.

2. Follow my Facebook Page My Purple World  and Pinterest account, Indah Nuria Savitri. Like and comments are not mandatory but warmly welcomed.

Follow Facebook Page My Purple World  dan Pinterest Indah Nuria Savitri. Like and komentar tidak wajib tapi menambah poin jug ya. 
Kalau ngga punya Pinterest? Don't worry πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

3. Follow my blog http://indahnuria.com and comments on any 3 (or more) posts. Please indicate the name you are using for comments.

Follow juga blog http://indahnuria.com dan komentar di 3 postingan yang ada, terserah kamu 😘. Kalau mau lebih juga boleh lho.. karena menambah poin untuk pemilihan pemenangnya nanti πŸ˜‡.

4. Regram this post in Instagram and please comment on it and mention 3 of your friends.

Regram postingan giveaway di akun instagram ini dan jangan lupa komentar beauty products apa yang kamu inginkan  dan mention 3 temen kamu yang belum ikutan kuis ini.

5. Check out more of the T&C in @insav IG's account as well as http://indahnuria.com.

Untuk syarat dan ketentuan lainnya, cek di akun IG di atas dan http://indahnuria.com ya.

6. The deadline is August 4th, 10 PM, New York City time.

Buruaaan ikutan yaaa... Cuma sampai tanggal 4 Agustus pukul 10.00 PM waktu New York City ajaa nih πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹.

7. Winners will be chosen randomly using the points system. The more interactions you made with the social media accounts mentioned above, the bigger the chance. Winners will be announced on August 11, 2017.

Hadiahnya akan dipilih random berdasarkan poin, jadi semakin banyak interaksinya, semakin banyak poin, semakin besar peluang menang 😘. Pengumuman pemenang tanggal 11 Agustus 2017.

8. As for the prizes, 5 Beauty packages,- a melange of lipsticks, skin care, mascara, and more,- are ready! 

Hadiahnya? Liat ajaaa di foto 😘  .
Ada Lipstick #kyliecosmetics #esteelauder #sephora #NYX #jordana dan banyak lagi lainnya menanti.  Free beauty products for you!

5 Beauty packages,- lipsticks, skin care, mascara, and more,- are ready! 
List lengkapnya ada di sini:


1 Kylie Lipkit in Spice

one of them will be yours!

1 package of Estee Lauder  Pure Color Candy Shimmer and Eye Shadow

1 Sephora Lip Artist pallette and 1 Sephora mask

1 package of 1  NYX Turnt Up Lipstick in Privileged and 1 Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara

1 package of 1  NYX Turnt Up Lipstick in Privileged  and  1 Jordana Sweet Cream Matte liquid lip color 

Thanks for joining my #summerison giveaway 😘😘😘

#hiddentreasure081 #mypurpleworld #indahnuriadotcom #freebeautyproducts #giveaways #NYC #whileinnyc #alhamdulillah


  1. wuih hadiahnyaaaaa keceeee 😍😍😍 sukses GAnya mba pengen ikutan ah

  2. Pengen ikutan lagi... seru ni hadiahnya. Sukses mbaaa.:*

  3. Asyikkk aku mau eyeshadoww haha dicatat yah Mbak In XD

  4. What a fun giveaway! The winner is going to be luck to get all of those goodies ♥

    1. Indeed Theresa...feel free to join the giveaway :)

  5. Wah liat hadiah kosmetiknya jadi tergiur banget nih

  6. banyak banget hadiahnya! tunggu repost-ku, Mba...

  7. I follow everyone on instagram, except this one: @ht081 I can't seem to find that one.

    1. That one is in Twitter, Alissa..I mean @ht081...Thank you so much for joining my GA :)

  8. I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest: Alissa Apel

  9. woooww...bertabur hadiah , ikutt ah

  10. sudah aku regraaaam... pengen dapat NYX lipsticcckkk ... - @riamrt -

  11. wih hadiahnya bagus bagus jadi pingin ikutan nih biar dapet hadiah dan hadiahnya dikasihkan ke cemewew hehe

  12. Waaaah asik. Banjir hadiah make up :))

  13. Aku ikut ya, Mbak Indaaah. Tunggu akuuu. \m/

  14. Kyaaaaa hadiahnya "kelas"
    Tunggu dulu mb ind aku cermati atu2 dulu syarat2nya ihiw

  15. Keren hadiah dan GAnya, Mbak Indah :)

    1. semoga sempet ikutan mbaaa...biar seru-seruan ajaaa :)

  16. Pengin ikut tapi nggak ada akun IG :'D

  17. who won't have those beauty products :)

  18. halo mbak indah, vanisa ikutan yaa :)

  19. Mbak aku ikutan.
    Folback pinterestku dong. Wkwkwkw

    Aku mauuu gincu nyx yg warnanya mirip wicked mbak. Plis plis plis. Makasih

    Ig, twitter and pinterest : @ciquinie


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